Business buzzwords, the interactive chart

Thomson Reuters' chart about business buzzwords is perfect storm of game-changing interactivity. A disruptive deep-dive into what is, admittedly, a low-hanging fruit, it's a win-win for the web. [via Felix Salmon]

Daily Idioms: hypothetical buzzwords

Oh, I could read Debbie Chachra's #dailyidioms buzzword tweets all day long:

* uterine replicator, Turkish delight doughnut, Galapagan isolation, ghost craters, empathy system, nonconsensual collaboration.

* molecular motors, ruin-exhibitionism, sensor grenade, group-level phenomena, Mylar L-sleeve, surreality TV show.

* weaponized social steganography, pin bin, ekranoplan, spline connection, bee space, memory engineering.

* damnatio memoriae, tagging trolls, fuzz fairing, hyperbolic metamaterials