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Million Puppet March to support public broadcasting in America

The Million Puppet March (formerly Million Muppet March, renamed because PBS can't afford to be perceived as political) is on for today in DC.

Everyone's meeting at at Lincoln Park (East of the Capitol building), and the march begins as I publish this blog post, at 11am ET.

At 1pm, a rally at the Capitol Reflecting Pool, which goes through 230pm.

I hope to be there! There's a live webcast.

Jill Buzby contributed the photo below to the Million Puppet March Facebook page. "My middle child holding my childhood Grover and Kermit dolls," she explains. "They're nearly 40 years old!"

Happy Grover Appreciation Day

John Scalzi has unilaterally declared February 15th to be Grover Appreciation Day, commemorating the world's greatest Muppet. Consider me part of the Coalition of the Willing on this.


Video evidence proving Grover's superiority can be found at Scalzi's Whatever. Alternately, you could just go re-read The Monster at the End of this Book.