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Play it now: Loss


How long can you hold onto something good? Is all pleasure fleeting? Is this a comic element of being alive, or a tragic one?

Really, that's all I'm going to say about Loss, a delicate little existential game by Michael HO3N and PixelPOW. Take a second to try it (free) for yourself, and enjoy the rollicking "Up, Up and Away" arrangement by Annette "TroisNyx" Singh. For as long as you'd like. For as long as you can.

Losing a mom to cancer soon after becoming one

Amy Joyce writes about losing her mother to cancer, not long after she became a mom herself. "When I started thinking about writing about losing my mom, I thought I would be able to fill pages with what exactly has been lost. But it sort of comes down to one thing that my wise 3-year-old said recently, when he didn’t want me to leave his room after a prolonged bath-books-bed routine. He grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go and whined: 'But I want you forever!'" (HT: @aileengraef)