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Brief history of the wristwatch

2305FF_watch01_PR[7][1] The ladies' fashion novelty became popular among British soldiers during the Boer War, recounts Uri Friedmen, a practice that spread during World War I.’s first smartwatch winds down

There’s a new smartwatch that lets you make phone calls right from your wrist. No, not that one.Read the rest

17th century skull pocket watch


Don't tell anyone, but I plan to break into the Musée du Louvre and snatch this 17th century skull watch made by Jean Rousseau, grandfather of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Montre en forme de tête de mort
Milieu du XVIIe siècle
Argent, laiton doré
D. : 5,50 cm. ; H. : 4,50 cm.

"Montre en forme de tête de mort" (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)

LED watch with a wooden face and bracelet

Tokyoflash's Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch builds on their earlier work with beautiful, carved-wood bracelets, adding a wooden face backed with powerful LEDs whose glow can be seen through the smooth vegetable matter. It's a very futuristic look indeed. The watch charges with USB, and comes in sandal or maple, and it has a preprogrammed LED dance it does twice a day as a little show-offy gesture. They're $150 each.

Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a timepiece with an agenda

Is your life so complicated that you must strap a small machine to your wrist, learn a new interface, and wear this device during almost all waking hours to avoid missing appointments?

Maybe not: Many of us stopped wearing watches years ago in favor of glancing at our phones.

But Samsung's Galaxy Gear is no ordinary watch. This $299 device, unveiled early last month, functions as both external monitor and peripheral for its new Galaxy Note 3 Android smartphone--the only phone officially compatible with it, although Samsung plans to add Gear support to such recent Android models as its Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4.

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Smartwatch with 41 megapixel camera


The Hyetis Crossbow is a forthcoming Swiss-made smart watch outfitted with a 41 megapixel camera, LED flash, and WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, according to the company. It will sell for $1,200.

Review: Pebble e-paper watch

69k backers. $10m in the can. But now that the Pebble E-paper watch is showing up on our wrists, was it worth it? Brian Easton is unsure.Read the rest

The world's thinnest watch

The CST-01 is presented as the world's thinnest watch, with an e-ink display and flexible battery embedded in a stainless steel band less than a millimeter thick.

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A watch that displays time on both Earth and Mars

Looking for a gift for the NASA Mars rover flight controller in your life who has everything? Executive Jewelers makes watches that display Martian time, and watches with dual displays so you know what time it is on Mars *and* Earth, at a glance. (via @milesobrien)

Excellent vintage film about the first accurate atomic clock

This short film was produced by the film unit of the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the 1950s, and explains the principles behind the first accurate atomic clock, which was designed by Louis Essen and built at the National Physical Laboratory in 1955. The NPL's YouTube channel has other videos of interest to science geeks. (thanks, obadiahlemon)

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Gutted of clutter and completely exposed, the limited edition & numbered mechanical Storm Mekon watches (released exclusively at Watchismo) have totally deconstructed the basic wristwatch while maintaining traditional boundaries. The case frames no physical dial but instead supports a lone single bridge of gears spanning the void across the wrist presenting the hours and minutes into what might be considered an analog hourglass.

Tokyoflash's Kisai Stencil watch: telling the time with negative space

Tokyoflash's latest Kisai watch is the Kisai Stencil, based on a concept design submitted by a math teacher named Heather Sable. It uses "negative space" to draw the numbers, a display that is cryptic at first but is easy to read at a glance once you've figured out the knack of it.

I found that I had a knack for creating read-at-a-glance designs with cryptic looking, yet easy to read digits. I designed the digits for this concept by starting with rectangular shapes, and cutting out unnecessary pieces using line segments and dots. By arranging them into four quadrants with some connecting lines, the display appears to be just a bunch of stencilled in lines and dots, while if you read the background, you can see the digits clearly.

When I got an email from Tokyoflash telling me they were interested in this design, I was absolutely elated. I had a huge smile on my face for the entire day. Now that I see how my concept has been brought to reality as Kisai Stencil, I am super-excited. The fact that Tokyoflash decided to emboss the digits I created on the strap fits so perfectly with the fact that I am a Math Teacher - of course there are numbers on my watch strap!

Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

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Mechanical timepieces don't need to cost an arm and a leg—check out these cool and affordable Fossil mechanical watches at Watchismo. Exposed rotors, skeleton dials, 11-year warranties and prices well under $200 make these a great every addition to your watch collection. Best of all, no batteries required, ever! See all Fossil watches at Watchismo.

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Watchismo is announcing the newest and coolest "Diesel Super Bad Ass" watches today, now in solid gunmetal & bronzed stainless steel. Each has four watches in one substantial 65mm timepiece: timezones faces with full chronographs, two separate analog clocks and a digital display surrounded by a textured dial and etched, bolted casing. The Diesel DZ7247 & Diesel DZ7246 also feature gunmetal link & brown leather straps.

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Minimum information, maximum accuracy! Watchismo introduces the world's first Two Handed One Hand Watch. The Botta Duo 24 watches are a traveling minimalist's dream watch. A single hand rotates two separate time zones, a prominent hand for the 12 hour ring and a subtle hand for the 24 hour ring.

This is an extension of the very popular Botta Uno watches with single one-handed displays. Check out more cool one-handed watches at the Watchismo Single Hand Watch Collection.

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More than twice the strength of stainless steel, the brawny new Ceramic Diesel DZ4220 & Diesel DZ4221 Black & White Franchise Chronographs are now available for the holiday season at Watchismo.

If that's not cool enough, check out the new asymmetric cutaway chronograph Diesel DZ4226 in all black and Diesel DZ4227 in gunmetal/steel. And finally, an überwatch, the triple time zone, multi-color analog-digital Diesel DZ7243 and Diesel DZ7242. Check out the entire Diesel Watch Collection.

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Not to be confused with new radiotelescope dishes for SETI, these cool new ODM Hacker watches were released this week at Watchismo. The Hacker's deep, concave dial rises up from the sunken center, where form-fitting graphics lead your eye inwards. Behind the capped steel disc on top of the crystal, the hands indicate the time as negative space. Just imagine Marc Newson's iconic Ikepod, cut in half, then drugged with some very strong painkillers. Then you'll get the Hacker. Check out the entire ODM Hacker Watch Collection, designed by Michael Young for ODM Watches and sold exclusively worldwide from