Drummer uses analog reel-to-reel tapes for freaky percussion

"When you tap the tape, it sounds like a electro-magnetic drum." The open Open Reel Ensemble created this cool instrument by stringing several tapes and engaging in tape tapping. Read the rest

Interesting vintage documentary on how analog technologies changed the sound of music

Get ready to go down a rabbit hole of musique concrète documentaries, of which this one from 1979 was by far the most informative, with this clip especially interesting.. Read the rest

Lovely tour of Jack White's Detroit vinyl record plant

Kevin Dupzyk got a behind-the-scenes tour of Third Man Records' new vinyl pressing plant in Detroit, where the art and craftsmanship of vinyl recordmaking is making a major resurgence. [via Popular Mechanics] Read the rest

Lovely, simple $7 brass compass

This brass compass is so plain, it is elegant.

I lost my old flat Silva map compass. I decided I'd rather have something with a bit more character, and a bit less plastic. I also didn't want to spend any money on something I really rarely use. This lovely compass should do the job nicely.

Over time the cheap brass housing will tarnish up just right. Like any compass, it'll generally indicate magnetic north when I'm hiking, camping, or just wandering around my living room.

1.75" Classic Pocket Antique Style Camping Brass Compass via Amazon Read the rest