How to make a working quadcopter out of the Apple Watch packaging box

“I Watch You,” a most nifty hack by Eirik Solheim. Read the rest

Man smashes $10,000 Apple Watch with magnets

TechRax destroys gadgets. In this video, he destroys an Apple Watch—a $10,000 model, apparently!—with two gigantic magnets. [via The Next Web]

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Finally, Apple Watch available in stores this month

The Apple Watch, Sport Edition.

After over a month of pre-sales and online-only availability, the Apple Watch will finally be on the shelves in Apple stores later this month. Consumers will be able to touch and try on the watch and then actually take it home the same day. Not that selling exclusively online has hurt the product: Apple has had an estimated  7-million Apple Watch orders since its launch and expects to deliver 5-million watches by the end of the first quarter, which is double what analysts had expected.  And Apple has by far outsold what the iPod, iPhone and iPad took in during their first quarter. Yet another win for Apple! Read the rest

Apple Watch "bug" turns out to be intentional

When the Apple Watch first came out, users were able to monitor their heart rate every 10 minutes throughout the day. Then there were "glitches," or so the users thought, and the smartwatch became inconsistent with its heart rate readings. Apple updated their site today (brought to our attention by 9to5Mac), and it turns out the Apple bug was on purpose: the watch will no longer take your heart rate while your arm is moving.  Apple hasn't explained why they downgraded this feature, but some people guess that it's to save on battery life. Read the rest

I've been texting with an astronaut

How a surprising iPhone and Apple Watch bestseller is pushing the boundaries of fiction