This Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch case is pretty sweet

I spent a lot of time away from home over the past few weeks, visiting With friends in Edmonton in between business trips to New York City and Boston. As a freshly-minted Nintendo Switch owner, I wanted to take my console with me to spruce up my downtime while I was on the road. As I can be kind of hard on my gear, one of the first things I do, especially if it’s a piece of kit that I plan on traveling with, is invest in a good case to protect it. As I’d had success with their bags and cases in the past, I opted to take Waterfield Designs’ Cityslicker case for Nintendo Switch for a spin.

For the most part, it was a good decision.

Heavily padded and well-stitched to within an inch of its life, the Cityslicker Case looks and feels great. When I ordered the case, there were a few different color options to choose from. I opted for Grizzly Leather: a light brown that gets better looking the more you beat it up. Aside from its leather lid, most of the case is made from ballistic nylon. It feels good the touch and should (although I wouldn’t recommend trying it) offer your Switch a bit of protection from liquids, too. Most importantly, the CItyslicker comes with enough padding that I don’t think much would happen to my Switch were it dropped from, say, the height of a dining room table while it was in the case. Read the rest

Frank Lloyd Wright-style PC case

The Usonian is a computer enclosure designed in the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright, with window walls modeled on the Bachman-Wilson house. Creator Jeffrey Stephenson (previously, previously) adds: "The colors are FLW's favorite, Cherokee Red, and Covered Wagon, the color of Falling Water's cantilevered balconies."

Usonian [Slipperyskip] Read the rest

Leather guitar bag and backpack

Ryan Barr of Whipping Post Leather makes these gorgeous guitar case bag backpacks.

"I always wanted to create a bag for my guitar that matched its character," he writes. "Something that could age with time and maintain its classic appeal like any well made instrument. The more it got used and abused the better it became. Kind of like my guitar."

They're very steep, but if I were a guitarist, I think I might sell my soul to the devil for one of these. In the meantime, I'll just have to wait for the keytar edition. Read the rest

Minimalist wooden PC case

Jeffrey Stephenson's famous for his elaborate deco-esque PC cases. This time, he's gone for a more modernist vibe with the Level Twelve.

Level Twelve is a Teak and Birds Eye Maple minimalist-styled computer system with hidden vent ducting and a separate self-powered USB peripheral system ... The computer itself is located in the Birds Eye Maple box and is fully self-contained. It could be pulled out of the enclosure while it is operating.

Construction photos and a peek at the back are at his website. [Slipperyskip] Read the rest


As case classification goes, the BookBook, offered in black and red for 13" and 15" laptops, would fit in the 'hardback leather' category. But where, pray tell, does it go under Dewey? An iPad edition is planned, too. Wouldn't a real book, cut hollow and appropriately modified, do the trick for less than the $80 price? [TwelveSouth] Read the rest