India's e-waste recycling "markets" are toxic nightmares filled with child laborers

Millions of tons of e-waste -- much of it from rich countries like Australia -- are recycled in India, in "markets" with terrible, dangerous working conditions and equally awful environmental controls. Read the rest

A toy vacuum for kids that actually works—sort of

Dyson has made a smaller, battery-operated version of their famous ball vacuum, with actual suction power, for children. Don't get too excited, it's not time to pass off your heavy-duty floor-cleaning chores to your child. This toy is only capable of sucking up "small pieces of paper or polystyrene balls." But for just $30, it'll be nice to put Junior to work cleaning up all those pesky fortune cookie fortunes and piles of poly balls off the floor.

(Apartment Therapy) Read the rest

Slaves - including children - make the bricks for Cambodia's housing bubble

Two bedroom apartments in Phnom Penh start at $260,000 -- equivalent to 2,000 years' worth of average annual wages for Cambodia's workers. Read the rest

Trump's Labor Department is planning a rollback of teen labor laws, allowing kids to work in "hazardous" jobs

Under a leaked draft plan from Trump's Department of Labor, 16- and 17-year-olds would be permitted to work for extended periods in "Hazardous Occupations" as apprentices; at present, these apprentices are only allowed to train on machines like chainsaws and meat-slicers for short periods under close supervision. Read the rest