Architect of Sweden's no-lockdown plan says he is surprised by death spike

Dr. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist who leads the country's no-lockdown plan, said Sweden's high death rate from Covid-19 compared to neighboring countries has "come as a surprise."

From Business Insider:

Dr. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist, appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Tuesday, when he described the country’s controversial approach.

“We never really calculated with a high death toll initially, I must say,” he said.

“We calculated on more people being sick, but the death toll really came as a surprise to us.”

As of Tuesday, Sweden reported more than 2,700 COVID-19 deaths and more than 23,000 infections. That death toll is far higher than its Nordic neighbours’ and many other countries that locked down.

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Personal valet of Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus

One of Trump's personal valets has tested positive for coronavirus, CNN reports. Read the rest

Trump spoke with Russia's Putin today, wonder what advice Vladimir gave Donald

Impeached U.S. President Donald Trump spoke today with Russian crimelord Vladimir Putin today, ostensibly to mark the 75th anniversary of V-E Day, but one wonders what other information may have been exchanged, don't one. Read the rest

Trump says wearing a mask would 'send the wrong message,' make him look ridiculous

Impeached and manifestly unfit U.S. President Donald Trump is telling his GOP MAGA allies that him wearing a mask would “send the wrong message,” and make him look ridiculous. Read the rest

WHO: Risk of returning to lockdown ‘very real’ if countries don’t manage coronavirus transitions carefully

The head of the World Health Organization said on Wednesday that the risk of returning to coronavirus lockdowns remains ‘very real’ if countries don’t manage their transitions extremely carefully. Read the rest

Coronavirus: 'The notion that everyone needs to be tested is nonsensical' — Kayleigh McEnany, Trump Press Sec

“The notion that everyone needs to be tested for the coronavirus is nonsensical,” ⁦said Donald Trump's press secretary Kayleigh McEnany today. Her explanation: because COVID-19 tests would have to be given over and over again.

The stupid, it burns.

This is an obvious nonsensical lie, and contradicts what public health experts and the obvious basics of science and math tell us about COVID-19. Read the rest

Trump lies to and contradicts a nurse about coronavirus protective gear

Sophia Thomas, the head of the Natl. Assoc. of Nurse Practitioners: 'PPE has been sporadic, but it's been manageable'

Donald Trump, a president: 'Sporadic for you, but not sporadic for a lot of other people.' Read the rest

'You can call me a Grandma killer,' says woman in regrettable tweet

I have a feeling this tweet will not age well. Read the rest

Trump wears goggles but no mask on Arizona PPE factory tour

Wow. Read the rest

Trump, on why coronavirus task force is ending now: 'It'll be a flame, and we'll put the flame out.' (?)

"We can't keep our country closed for the next 5 years" — Trump

Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright to testify before House health committee on May 14

Whistleblower says Trump White House ignored coronavirus warnings

Discarded gloves on the ground, a new coronavirus pet peeve of many

“So many idiots.”

State-backed hackers are attacking coronavirus responders, U.S. and UK officials warn in joint statement

Britain and the United States said on Tuesday in a joint warning that government-backed hackers are attacking healthcare and research institutions with the goal of stealing valuable information about the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read the rest

White House bars Fauci and other coronavirus task force members from testifying before Congress

The Trump White House today decided to ban Dr. Anthony Fauci and other members of the coronavirus task force from testifying before Congress for the next month, unless the chief of staff gives specific approval. Read the rest

Colorado man caught with pipe bombs at home planned armed protest of COVID-19 orders, say FBI and ATF

His threatening social media posts attracted the attention of federal investigators

Carnival Cruise Line to start cruises again August 1, with 8 ships leaving from Miami, Port Canaveral and Galveston.

Coronavirus isn't done killing people yet, but Carnival Cruise Line said Monday it will begin to phase-in cruises again starting August 1. Read the rest

In U.S., 2,909 people die of COVID-19 in 24 hours, highest daily death toll in the U.S. yet

Deadliest day comes as state officials reopen parts of economy and stay-at-home orders expire

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