Dopey Day to honor the lives of people who have died from addiction

My pal Dave has proclaimed that Friday, July 24th will be Dopey Day. I wrote about his popular Dopey Podcast (touted as a "dark comedy of drug addiction") in March 2018. At the time he had a co-host, Chris. Just a few months later, Chris had died of an overdose. Dopey Day is to "commemorate and celebrate" Chris' life, and to honor others who have died from addiction.

Dave explains:

Chris died on that day in 2018 from a tragic overdose of a deadly mixture of powerful drugs. He died having almost five years clean. He died as a PHD candidate. He died as a loyal boyfriend and as a man who was earning renewed trust from his family and friends. But specific to this story, Chris died as the partner and Co-Host to Dave, who together, founded Dopey - The Podcast about Drugs, Addiction and Dumb Shit.

Dopey was created by addicts for addicts, and for those that might be recovery-curious. It was a way to normalize past behavior but more importantly it was a safe place to listen, to identify with and be a part of a group of misfits that can laugh at the craziest stories, fueled by drugs and alcohol that are frankly too debaucherous to make up. This group came to be known as the Dopey Nation, now numbering in the thousands. They are a self monitoring tribe, in and out of recovery that won’t judge or shame people for their past and will offer stories of their journey when asked to provide insight on living a happy and fulfilling life.

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Dopey, a podcast on the 'dark comedy of drug addiction'

A few years back I wrote about Dave, one of the hosts of Dopey podcast. It was before Dopey though. Back then, he was working on another project that caught my fancy. It was good but can't tell you about it because he's gone anonymous for this one.

I can tell you about Dopey though, in Dave's words:

The show is about all things addiction related; using, crazy stories, consequences, and of course recovery. The format is basically a hang out between me, and my podcasting partner Chris. Between the two of us we’ve been to a million detoxes, rehabs and jail as well as used every substance under the sun besides angel dust. Our show is the first ever media platform to deal with addiction in a new way, a funny way, a way that doesn’t shame addicts for destroying their lives. Instead, Dopey celebrates the absurd life of an addict, the horrible mistakes, and the crushing defeats. We also champion recovery and sobriety without pandering or ever being overly sanctimonious.

Since they started just two years ago, they've gained a dedicated audience (known as "Dopey Nation") who downloads their show 40K times a month.

Dave writes, "Many of our listeners who have gotten clean have offered some gratitude to Dopey, saying it helped point them in the right direction. Others have said if two idiots like you guys could get clean, then anyone can."

Dr. Drew Pinsky will be a guest on their show this Saturday to talk about the opioid epidemic "raging through our country." Read the rest