Drew Hayes' Fred the Vampire Accountant is back in 'The Fangs of Freelance'

Drew Hayes' Fred the Vampire Accountant is one of my favorites in the supernatural-folks-repeatedly-save-the-world genre. He's back in this fourth installment, even more accountant-y than ever.

Just because you are a creature of the dark and imbued with amazing skills doesn't mean you'll be interesting as an individual. Fred is an accountant who became a vampire looking for excitement. He found a whole lot of accounting work. The supernatural community doesn't have anyone who can reliably prepare their taxes, and so Fred. This is a wonderfully twisted view of a supernatural world.

Working for some of the most highly powered creatures in North America, but being a solo vampire left Fred vulnerable to more senior vampires co-opting and controlling both he and his accountancy. So Fred formed his own clan to maintain his independence and things went exactly as he planned, for about five minutes.

While the "I'm a boring vampire" schtick has largely worn out by now, the story and characters are wonderful. I really enjoyed learning more about Arch.

The Fangs of Freelance (Fred, the Vampire Accountant Book 4) via Amazon

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Super Powereds by Drew Hayes

Super hero junior college? Drew Hayes has another fantastic series in Super Powereds, adding his humor and irony to the genre!

Landers is pretty much your average college, except they have a special course program for people with super powers. This year five new students are joining the special program, hoping to train up from "powered" to "super" without hurting themselves, or anyone else.

Hayes' Fred the Vampire Accountant stories are some my favorites this year. He does a wonderful job playing around in this genre, and I'm eager to read the second book in the series.

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