I made jalapeño, cilantro, carrot kraut

Hanging out with Mark and Xeni has led to the development of a 'fermenting shelf' in my pantry.

It all started for me with Xeni recommending a Picklemeister jar for fermenting things in. A few totally failed experiments later, and then some good sauerkraut and I was hooked. A week or so ago, Mark instagrammed a photo of some kraut he'd just put up and I was left staring at huge pile of vegetables from my CSA. I decided to start fermenting.

I've got some plain -- just the cabbage -- sauerkraut going, intending to try to make a sauerkraut soup with it, and I've started some other more flavorful jars. I still use Xeni's Picklemeister but for smaller, widely varied batches I've just been using wide-mouth Ball Jars. The one I'm most excited about is full of jalapeño, cilantro, carrot kraut.


1 medium green cabbage 4 medium jalapeño peppers

A couple carrots 1 small bunch cilantro 1 Tbs Kosher or Sea Salt, not iodized Maybe some water and some more salt 1 wide-mouth quart Ball Jar

Wash your hands.

Rinse the cabbage. Remove the other 2-3 leaves from the cabbage whole, set aside. Shred the cabbage. I'm from southern California and no one needs to tell me how to shred, but if you need help, Boing Boing never seeks to disappoint. Set the shredded cabbage into a large bowl.

Slice the jalapeños into rounds. You can cut them into strips, instead of rounds, facilitating the removal of seeds and membranes if you lack the chutzpah to just put them in the bowl. Read the rest