The naming of 'Inside Vladimir'

Kevin Reome has been an improv instructor at The Second City Training Center in Chicago since 2005. Reome’s written, directed, produced, performed in many scripted and improvised shows (The Eulogist, Rahm Zombie, Jam Sandwich, Lightfoot Loose) and teaches improv workshops around the country and in corporate settings.

In 1994 I took improv classes at Improv Olympic and was eventually put on a performance team by the owner Charna Halpern. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were also on that team, along with about 10 other dudes at the start. Generically we were named “Team A” and tasked to come up with an actual team name.

There were five of us at The Naming. Tina and Poehler were neither of the five. They were invited. Everyone was invited, but only 5 could make it. The plan was to meet over drinks and name our improv team. We met at the Old Town Ale House across from The Second City Chicago. The Ale House—the obvious choice to meet for such an occasion. This dank bar was, and is, the perfect extension of improv. It is warm booze and late nights and Tamale Guy and edgy wall art and improv students and improv professionals and a great after-show watering hole. It’s where improv gets discussed but also provides a distraction from it. One time a friend saw Robert Plant there. “Did you snap a picture of him?” I asked. “No. That’s why he went to the Ale House.” Plant and my friend shared the code of the Ale House. Read the rest

A wonderful conversation with Jason Mantzoukas about improv

Improv doesn't have to be funny, but it is a lot easier to watch when it is. This conversation with Jason Mantzoukas, who portrayed Tik Tok in the John Wick series and Rafi in the phenomenal The League, sheds a lot of light on the arcane art. Read the rest

Uh oh. Jennifer Lawrence takes over plane speaker to drum up Super Bowl cheer and nobody is impressed

In what looks like an impulsive move, actress Jennifer Lawrence thought it was okay on Sunday while on a Delta flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles to take charge of the plane's loudspeaker and cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles.

After announcing that no, this isn't the pilot, it's Jennifer Lawrence, she tries to get everyone to chant "Fly, Eagles, Fly? Fly, Eagles, fly! Fly, Eagles, fly!” but nobody (except a few passengers in the back) looks the least bit interested. Finally a flustered-looking flight attendant comes out saying "Ma'am!" before the video turns off. Read the rest

SF Bay Area: Jane Morris' one person show workshop, September 13th @ the SF Improv Festival

If you've ever wanted to put on a one person show, and you're in or around San Francisco next weekend, Jane Morris' workshop is the one for you! Aside from being talented, intelligent, and one of the most delightful people to work with that you'll ever meet, she also helps folks put up amazing shows! Read the rest