Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona Senate. Now Dems have 47 seats to GOP's 51.

Kyrsten Sinema, the apparent winner in Arizona's Senate race, is the first Democrat to win that vote for decades. Read the rest

Jeff Flake: Kavanaugh's tone was "sharp and partisan," and "we can't have this on the Court. We simply can't."

Senator Jeff Flake doesn't look like he's convinced yet on whether or not Brett Kavanaugh is fit for the Supreme Court. At the The Atlantic festival in Washington D.C. today, he said he was "very troubled by the tone of the remarks" made by Kavanaugh last week during his hearing.

“I hope I would sound that indignant if I was unjustly maligned,” he said, “but then it went on. And the interaction with the members was sharp and partisan and that concerns me,” Flake said. "And I tell myself you give a little leeway because of what he's been through. But, on the other hand, we can't have this on the Court. We simply can't."

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An Arizona Senator's trumpgrets

Writing in Politico, Jeff Flake -- the junior Republican Senator for Arizona -- writes that the Republican Party is "in denial" about the extent to which trumpism (and its precursor, which he says is was the obstructionist movement to block Obama's agenda) has destroyed the GOP's brand of conservatism. Read the rest