James Brunt arranges beautiful rock mandalas in the wild

Yorkshire artist James Brunt uses rocks and all sorts of other natural objects like sticks, leaves and nuts to create lovely symmetrical mandalas for strangers to find while out and about.

These intricate hand-painted mandala stones reveal the cosmic beauty of math

San Francisco-based artist Lina West creates these beautiful hand-painted mandala stones covered in gorgeous fractal patterns.

Site helps you draw your own mandalas

ben.akrin.com/mandala is a simple online drawing board with a single purpose: mandalas. Set the axis count, the color and thickness of your pen, and the type of reflection. Then get mandala-making! But I used it to make some vintage lead wallpaper that'll kill you in humid climates.

Intricate mandalas created by Volt Agapeyev

"Nature is transgression's church," says Vitaliy Volt" Agapeyev, who combines geometric forms with intricate patterns found in nature.

Bird songs visualized as gorgeous mandalas

Design student Sugko at Sejong University used a CymaScope to visualize bird songs, with beautiful results.

Flower Mandalas

By artist Kathy Klein, who sells limited edition prints. To see the real thing, however, you'll have to locate an installation: "each piece is photographed," writes Christopher Jobson, "then left to be discovered by others." [ThisIsColossal]