Jamming from inside a guitar, with Maple the dog

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Relaxing music video: 'Can't Help Falling in Love' on kalimba, with dog, in nature

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Sweet Samoyed dog loves gentle strokes on his floofy head

Aww, so soothing to watch this sweet Samoyed get loving pats on his fuzzy floofy head, from his human. Read the rest

Get ready to relax while watching this resin painting technique

Watching Riusuke Fukahori paint this beautiful resin painting called Goldfish Salvation may be the most relaxing thing you do today. Read the rest

Relax with the 5 Minute Meditation site

5minutemeditation is a minimalist, one-shot guided meditation routine on the web. The clean layout and total silence beat the clutter and chaos of youtube, and you can set breathing rate and color scheme to suit your personal level of vibrating newsjunkie rage.

Welcome to 5 Minute Meditation! I decided to create this site after I began to get panic attacks my junior year of college. I found that deep breathing exercises were effective in helping myself calm down during them, and wanted to create a simple and quick guided breathing exercise for myself and others to use. Thankfully, I rarely have attacks anymore, but still use this breathing exercise when feeling stressed.

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