Russian soldier proposes with 16 tanks in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day

Alexandra Kopytova accepted the proposal at the barrel of a gun. Or 16 guns, technically, which were attached to a fleet of T-72B3 Soviet Battle Tanks that her now-fiance, Lieutenant Denis Kazantsev, brought in as part of an elaborate military maneuvering drill to ask his beloved's hand in marriage. From RT (because of course it's from RT):

Though Valentine’s Day is not really a Russian tradition, the spirit of the day was not lost on Kazantsev’s commanders, who gave the go-ahead for the mission at the Alabino testing grounds, southwest of Moscow. On Thursday morning, 16 tanks rolled onto the range for a maneuvering drill in which they formed two columns and lined up in a heart formation.

The mission’s success, however, hinged on the approval of one person who was neither a major nor a general. With her eyes covered, 19-year-old Alexandra was led into the middle of the formation by Denis, 23. When she opened her eyes, she saw Kazantsev kneeling with a bouquet of red roses.

"I postponed the proposal for about one month to organise all this so it would be unforgettable, once in a lifetime," Kazantsev told the Daily Mail. "It was not easy but with time my commanders agreed to let me do this."

This awkwardly-sweet-in-a-distinctly-Russian-way fairytale gets even weirder when you realize that Koptyova and Kazantsev were … actually already married. He had previously proposed on New Year's Eve 2017, at a time when they were living in separate cities, and got to enjoy a whole two weeks of marriage in St. Read the rest

Anatomical Theater (In the Grip of Strange Thoughts)

Andrei Sen-Senkov's Anatomical Theater is a fascinating, bizarre look into the day to day observations of a gynecologist and well known Russian contemporary poet. It also has amazing cover art by Sveta Dorosheva.

I enjoy poetry of the mundane and the first two sections of this book certainly explore this theme. With a very even, methodical pace, Sen-Senkov calls out the absurd in observations of daily Russian life.

His titular chapter, Anatomical Theater, is something very much else! I best describe it as a medical text intended to be read dramatically. This is a tour of human anatomy by a masterful story teller, and if you enjoy the cover art, this section is for you!

Anatomical Theater (In the Grip of Strange Thoughts) by Andrei Sens-Senkov via Amazon Read the rest