This website preserves the sounds of obsolete devices

The gadgets of the past had gears, levers, clicky buttons, motors, and other noise-making components. Most of today's electronics have very few moving parts. The sounds they make are edited-in aural skeuomorphs. A website called Conserve the Sound has recordings of the sounds made by old phones, rubber stamps, pinball machines, cameras, typewriters, fans, video game consoles, and other products from 1910 onwards. They have an Instagram account, too. Read the rest

Things I miss: the music of dot matrix printing

No office sounds busy without a dot matrix printer ripping in the background.

Also: The HALO theme on 8 floppy disk drives. Read the rest

Things I miss: the Big Wheel


The very earliest memory I have is riding my Big Wheel over a ledge and into a small, landscaped stream for an epic wipe out! My mom saved me. Thanks, Mom!

Big Wheels are totally cool! No wonder I love motorcycles and cars.

Here are other things we miss! Read the rest

Things I miss: The Federated Group and Fred Rated

These commercials were insane. Shadoe Stevens was inspirational. Read the rest