How to avoid carry-on luggage fees on budget airlines

Certain airlines offer very low prices on flights, and then charge for things most airlines include in the ticket price, like carry-on luggage. On Frontier or Spirit, a carry-on bag is $35-$60, each way. I avoid the fee by using luggage that is small enough to be considered a “personal item” (It has to be under 14" high, 18" wide, 8" deep). A lot of backpacks will meet the size requirements. I have a Swissgear rolling bag, similar to this one. It holds enough summer clothes for a 4-night trip, plus a gadget case, a toiletries bag, and my 13-inch laptop with charger. Read the rest

Apple USB-to-lighting cable with built-in battery

This looks like it could come in handy - the Jackery Jewel is a MFU-certified Lightning-to-USB charging cable with a built-in 450 mAh battery. It's $16 on Amazon with promo code JERJEWEL. I just ordered one. Read the rest

Here's the travel USB charger I use

I've had the Plugable 5-Port 36W USB Universal Smart Charger for over a year. I take it with me on all trips, including business and family travel. Having five USB ports means I can charge everyone's phones and a battery at the same time.

Instead of plugging directly into the wall outlet, the charger has a 48-inch power cord. This is an important feature, because it means I can plug the cord into a hard-to-get-to outlet and set the charging unit itself on a table or desk. The model with 5 smart ports is $(removed), and the model with 2 smart ports and 3 universal ports is $(removed) Read the rest

Good deal on Titanium quasi-spork

The Light My Fire spork isn't technically a spork, but rather a handle with a fork on one end and a spoon on the other. It's regularly priced at $(removed), but Amazon is selling it for $(removed) + $(removed) shipping. Read the rest

Here's a colorful set of pseudo-sporks for travel

I have my own titanium spork that I travel with. I recently added this $(removed) set of plastic not-sporks so my kids can enjoy yogurt and salads on planes and hotel rooms. The spoon is capacious, and the fork side has a serrated edge that can be used as a knife/saw (it doesn't hurt your lip, fortunately). Read the rest

2-Port USB travel wall charger on sale for $6

Six bucks is a great deal for this 2-Port USB wall charger. (I travel with a 5 Port USB charger and love the long AC cord on it, but it might be overkill for others.) Read the rest