The wonderful 3D diorama art of old View-Master reels

A delightful website called View-Master World features photos from View-Master reels across the decades. My favorite View-Master art has always been the 3D stuff from the 1960s. These 21 samples from a Flintstone’s reel are a high water mark of the genre. Read the rest

Imaginary View-Master reel - Bakersfield, California 1977-78: Carol

Graphic designer Sean Tejaratchi made a couple of images depicting so-boring-they're-fascinating View-Master reels. Sean's site, Liar Town, USA is NSFW and very funny.

I love everything he does:

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View-Master Virtual Reality viewer

The general impression of the View-Master Virtual Reality viewer is that it's an excellent Google Cardboard viewer for any Android phone or iPhone, but that the View-Master app "reels" aren't very good. My family and I love Google Cardboard - the experience of walking around Paris and Tokyo is amazing. For $(removed), it seems like a good deal. Has anyone tried it? Read the rest