The theme from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" performed on 24 partially-empty wine bottles

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Existential crisis? What do you mean? Could someone having an existential crisis tune 24 wine bottles to play music from the Legend of Zelda? Oh, they could? Well crap. #zelda #percussion #ocarinaoftime #quarantine #ProveTheMoonExists

A post shared by nathan leigh (@nathanleighsays) on May 6, 2020 at 10:57am PDT

When he's not going stir crazy and obsessively figuring out the pitches to video game themes on wine bottles, Nathan Leigh is also a theatrical designer, and just put out a fantastic new chamber-folk-punk album with his band, Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors, called Myths, Conspiracy Theories, and Other Stuff I Made Up To Sound Interesting.

Image: Smith190 / Flickr (CC 2.0) Read the rest

Cockatiel sings Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 'Lost Woods' song (with sound)

It's downright majestic is what it is. Read the rest

Review of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: not worth buying

In his Ars Technica review of the Nintendo Switch remake of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (available September 20), Sam Machkovech says the terrific music and visual upgrades are not enough to justify paying $60 for a game that "feels like 1993.... When the game isn't offering laughs or smiles via its quests and quirkiness, it's either serving up all-too-familiar challenges or making players fumble blindly in search of a single, buried clue."

I'm getting it anyway. Read the rest

Legend of Zelda theme played on marimba

You're going to want to unmute your sound for this one. Read the rest

Zelda propaganda posters

Counter the creeping resurgence of genuine, non-metaphorical Naziism in gamer culture with Fernando Reza's kick-ass WWII style Zelda propaganda posters! $40 each, 18" x 24", printed on archival paper. Read the rest

Hacked and modded Zelda: Breath of the Wild becomes pop culture cacophony

Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the hit launch title for Nintendo's new Switch console, is already emulated on the PC, where it's been hacked to house random pop culture stuff. In this video, see Biggie Smalls vs. Thomas the Tank Engine, Minecraft Steve, Spongebob, and Shrek do battle.

There's something so awesomely dumb about this, fascinating and boring all at once. It embodies a trend that looks like it might be punk, or at least a new frontier in YouTube Poop. But this is mostly our novelty receptors getting plugged by a tornado of memes that never change. A flash of accelerant in the embers of web culture, cackling at the hope new things must emerge when the old is mixed. Read the rest

Zelda fan/maker controls smart home by playing ocarina

In celebration of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Allen Pan built a wonderful home automation system where the interface is an ocarina as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (Thanks, Lux!)

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The only video review you need to watch of the new Zelda game

The new Zelda game has rave reviews for its open-world gameplay and dreamy looks, but its Video Game Dunkey's gameplay recording that finally convinced me to actually buy a Nintendo Switch. There's some salty language, but it's all good! Read the rest

Original development art from The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda turned 30 this year and in celebration, Nintendo posted development artwork from the game hand-drawn by legendary designers Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto! More at

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Slumps: adorable art of your favorite characters all slumped over

Matt Ritchie makes "slumps" — whimsical artwork of popular characters slumped over as if falling asleep or theatrically dejected by their latest mishap.

Up top are the heroes of Star Wars, who have perhaps just learned that Disney has no plans to remaster the original theatrical release. Here's the Justice League, reading reviews of the movies they appear in. Read the rest

Girls care more about playing as girls than boys do about playing as girls

A lively, accessible video lecture by Ashly Burch and Rosalyn Wiseman presents research into how games impact the social lives of young people, and how important representation is to boys versus girls.

Whoa, it's Zelda: A Link To The Past's world map, in living detail

"Friendly tag-based Javascript animators" JADSDS have made a gigantic HMTL5 map of the overworld from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, also known as the best Zelda. Though it takes a while to load, it's well worth it.

You can see the massive kingdom and all its tiny lurking enemies, characters, palaces and waterfalls. Remember playing it as a kid and feeling like the whole world was enormous, like you could never see all its secrets? Zoom all the way out and see the whole world in your browser, or in to watch everything move around in the orbits you remember. Pretty neat.

There are some more fun classic animations to play with on the JADSDS website. Thanks to Kotaku for scouting this off Reddit, and for recommending you try the map on mobile! Read the rest

A comic that reimagines Zelda with an awesome little girl as the hero

What if the green-capped adventurer of the Zelda games was a little girl who lived in a mysterious floating city? Read the rest

I'm afraid to die in games

We often understand failure in games through the language of death. Why?

A Zelda remix is the hot new song at the club

When I think of Zelda, I think of lots of things: smashing pots, collecting rupees, throwing boomerangs, and dancing to sick beats. That last one is a pretty new addition to my personal Zelda memory palace, but it's stuck there anyway thanks to Hitmane's new mashup of Juicy J's "Bandz That Make Her Dance" with the whimsical "Saria's Song" from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The song, which has been played over 200,000 times on Soundcloud, primarily picked up steam when the more prominent DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth started adding it to his shows. It also got played by Qrion at a party during the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, where IGF chairman (and former Offworld founder) Brandon Boyer shared this little Vine:

Nearly 10 million loops later, we're all still dancing. If you're looking for suggested dance moves, you can always go to the source material. Otherwise, this guy has got you covered. Read the rest

3D Zelda game gets 2D makeover

Ocarina of Time is lauded among the series' greats, but some find its early 3D graphics charmless. A fan project is remaking the game with chunky pixel art to give it that perfect old-school look. Borrowing art and audio from other entries in the Legend of Zelda set to augment their own work, they've already released a playable demo of the classic's first chapter. [via] Read the rest

Zelda-themed stop-motion chalk-drawing animation

Chalk artist Chris Carlson sends us this astounding stop-motion animation of his 3D chalk drawings of Link from Legend of Zelda, popping out of two-space and having a mischievous adventure in our world. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of labor that went into drawing the frames of this animation -- bravo! (Thanks, Chris!) Read the rest

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