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Beautiful time-lapse video of Chile volcano eruption

Calbuco erupted Wednesday after 42 years of silence. More than 1,500 local residents were evacuated. [via] chilevolcano

Mila Kunis "stole my chicken"


A "childhood friend" of the popular actress claims the beloved pet was taken when they were at school together in Ukraine.

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Chess grandmaster Nigel Short: "men 'hardwired' to be better chess players than women"


Yep, he got thrashed by Judit Polgar again.

Iceman Gay

x 2015-04-21 at 3.50.49 PM Marvel's character, one of the original X-Men, is to be outed.

Games Not Allowed


Twitter announces new block tool, ban on threats

ROA-twitter Messages identified as abusive will not appear on notification timelines, thanks to a new filtering system designed to prevent harassment from being seen by its targets.

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Make Ascii art with Playscii

playscii_shot1 Available for Windows, Linux and (soon) OS X.

Liberland is a new micronation

If your brand of libertarian fantasy involves living on land adjacent to Serbia, but which Serbia doesn't want, your dream has come true!


Simple rules for healthy eating

x 2015-04-21 at 8.29.51 AM The NYT: "Things like salt and fat aren’t the enemy. They are often necessary in the preparation of tasty, satisfying food."

Javascript is the most popular language at GitHub

x 2015-04-21 at 8.22.21 AM

"Based on the historical GitHub Archive and GitHut data starting in 2012, we analyzed the most common developer actions within GitHub and turned it into [these] infographics"

Interesting factoid: four of the top five entries were introduced in 1995, and the other (CSS) in 1996.

The Most Popular Programming Languages in to GitHub Since 2012 [loggly]

Those paintings of every president hanging out together

reepubs To be honest I find them a bit creepy.

Anita Sarkeesian in Time's Top 100 most influential

UnknownThe creator behind a series of feminist critiques of game design tropes—and target of a relentless campaign of online harassment—is profiled by Wil Wheaton.

Anita is just the latest woman writer to prove the law coined by journalist Helen Lewis: that the sexist comments on any article about feminism justify feminism. In the face of hysterical and childish abuse, Anita has refused to back down. She continues to speak around the world about the role of women in video games and popular media. She also talks about her life as a target in the online culture war known as Gamergate, waged by entitled male gamers who fear change in an industry that is evolving while they seem determined to remain 15 forever.


Chess grandmaster accused of cheating with iPhone in toilet


Raising suspicions with his frequent trips to the bathroom, Gaioz Nigalidze was searched to no avail. But when they checked the stalls, they found a hidden iPhone. Running a chess app. With his current game set up. Logged into his Facebook account.

Abdul Rahim removed Nigalidze from the tournament and is sending a report to the International Chess Federation. It has had to create a commission to deal with the growing problems with cheating. In fact, this is not the first time cheating has been attempted.

An American player in 2002 tried the same approach in checking a chess simulation during trips to the bathroom. Indian player Umakant Sharma was caught cheating in 2006 using a small Bluetooth headpiece hidden inside his cloth cap. In 2008, the Dubai Chess Club banned an Iranian player after it was discovered he was receiving text messages from a friend watching a live stream of the game, according to Endgadget's [sic] Mariella Moon.

A three-year suspension from international competition awaits Nigalidze if the accusations are confirmed.

Yes, militaries are working on drone swarms

That the battlefield of tomorrow will be abuzz with death is clear. Say hi to America's drone cannons.

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Images of breastfeeding, operative scars now permitted on Instagram


How magnanimous of them! Your breasts are now appropriate for their "authentic and safe" environment, so long as you're not doing anything bad with them. But don't get any ideas: "close-ups of fully nude buttocks" are still unacceptable.

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Wikileaks posts Sony hack dump

OSNY "Today, 16 April 2015, WikiLeaks publishes an analysis and search system for The Sony Archives: 30,287 documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and 173,132 emails, to and from more than 2,200 SPE email addresses…"

New Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer features Han

"Chewie, we're home."

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