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Verizon attaches privacy-obviating unique ID to customers' internet requests

Wired: "A trump card to obviate established privacy tools such as private browsing sessions or “do not track” features."

Rise of the creep-buster

Bye Felipe is a "crowdsourced menagerie of mankind's worst specimens," men who post creepy, rude and hostile messages to women on dating app Tinder.

Halloween in Japan

pnhead A fantastic selection of photos from Japan Times.

Amazon Fire Stick

amThe Fire TV stick is $39 and competes with Google's Chromecast and the forthcoming plug it into your TV, stream video.

Though it's $5 more than Google's, Amazon boasts twice the storage space, a month of free Prime video, and "a voice system that actually work," assuming you download the app too or buy the voice remote, a $30 upgrade. Previously.

Fire TV Stick [Amazon]

Jogger arrested after bumping into Prime Minister

_78560539_de28-1 The man was subsequently "de-arrested and allowed on his way." Lots of UK media are saying he's a protestor or "assailant", but, yeah, whatever.

Review the Energizer AA battery

Warfare in the comments over at Battereview, was wondering if we can do a more civilized job. [via @Lowtax]

Zombies would lose the war because Vultures would peck them to bits

David Mizejewski with the National Wildlife Federation explains why birds would help us make short shrift of the Zombie apocalypse: "Many birds feed themselves by scavenging on dead things. A sluggish zombie wouldn't stand a change against one, let alone a flock of vultures."

If you're wondering who is keeping all those lawns mowed and fields tended to in The Walking Dead, now you know: birdkeepers.

Previously: Bears would just eat zombies right up

City maps with streets colored by orientation


LA and Chicago are most uniform; San Francisco and New York look like patchwork; London and Tokyo look like explosions in a fuzz factory. [Datapointed via JWZ]

Denim maintenance thread

A raw denim aficionado, sick of trying to clean his deathless jeans by freezing them or washing them in seawater, developed an antibacterial odor neutralizer especially made for the blend of sweat, grime and bacteria found in pants. Please, wash your jeans.

10 years ago, a TV flub flattened a career

How a 'lip-sync debacle" (the bungled, recrimination-filled aftermath moreso than the even itself) ended Ashlee Simpson's career and became a metaphor for how modern media, not merely piracy, threw nails into the music industry's prefab production line.

Twitpic to vanish, taking 800 million images with it

Imagine you live in a big town, in the pre-internet era. For years, a local newspaper has provided a neat service: it'll process your photos, so long as you let it publish them and keep the prints in its permanent archive.

Of course, most people throw away the negatives. But that's OK: the archive is right there.

Now, say you wake up one day and find that the newspaper's shutting down and has been keeping this fact pretty quiet. The archives will be destroyed. You're lucky to have found out at all! The proprietor ignores pleas to change course, and especially any offers to take possession of the set: to the furnace it will go. You call, and are assured they'll send you your prints, at least. But all that arrives in your mailbox is an empty envelope--or perhaps one containing a rag soaked in cat piss.

This is what's about to happen with twitpic, for years the go-to service for posting photos to Twitter, and the people in charge appear to be doing what they can to prevent the Internet Archive preserving the database and to deny users functional archive access to their own uploads.

"For this group of digital librarians," writes Pierre Chauvin, "saving a bunch of stranger’s pictures is about keeping alive a key piece of our digital culture."

Browser game: Late Night Driver

toy A fun, free racing browsertoy with a cool night-driving aesthetic; the song gets annoying. [via]

Retro game fonts

spac Patrick H Lauke, AKA Redux, recreates fonts from classic arcade and computer games.

Alvin Stardust, 1942-2014

1414060559583_Image_galleryImage_FEMAIL_SCANNED_BY_PCD_FOR In that weird liminal Britspace between glam rock and parody, he was a great. Alvin Stardust was due a comeback -- his first studio album in decades is due out in weeks, according to the BBC -- but will not be with us to enjoy it.

This 1974 performance of My Coo Ca Choo, on BBC1's Top of the Pops, is your primer.

Dino Deinocheirus Deemed Derpy


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