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MetalCaptcha: captcha with heavy metal band logos


It's set up as a service you can use right now on your website: "We are continously improving and testing it but we know the devil never sleeps, especially in the metal scene!"

Brink's computerized safe was hacked in 1 minute


Next month, security researchers will demonstrate how to crack a modern Brink's safe in seconds.

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Reddit's Head of Community quits

redditalienJessica Moreno was the fourth senior female employee to exit in less than a month, reports Noah Kulwin for Recode.

From Jessica Moreno:

I have enjoyed my time at Reddit but after four years I feel that it’s time for me to move on. While I am working with Steve on a transition plan, I am looking forward to taking time off to spend with my family. It was a difficult decision to make right now as Reddit is taking difficult steps in a much needed positive direction. I’m excited to see the progress being made and glad I could be a part of it.

Reddit's new CEO has entertained the idea of imposing more rigorous policies aimed at preventing harassment, but it has the look of anxious PR activity squeezed out by public and investor pressure. Dorkno-libertarians committed to subsidizing white supremacist subreddits on principle: unhappy. Everyone else: unhappier.

Update: Moreno explained why she's leaving, and says it has nothing to do with gender issues: "I have always felt respected as a colleague here and managed to surround myself with good people in an industry not always known for that. The theory that I am leaving because of recent changes in policy is also false as I happily participated in creating those changes and stand by the decision to enforce them."

China lifts game console ban

china1 Plans to ban puns may still be afoot, but China has at last lifted its prohibition on owning game consoles. Though widely unenforced, the official imprimatur of approval is expected to give the domestic game business a huge boost.

Evidence found that Happy Birthday song older than copyright owner claims

5469215733_38cdebbf79_z1 A "smoking gun" found in a 1927 songbook may prove once and for all that the song "Happy Birthday" is out of copyright.

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eBay gives up on same-day delivery service

spelllsebay.jpgeBay Now is dead, reports Trevor Mogg. The get-it-today delivery option was launched in 2012 in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago, but was not popular with buyers.

Trump lawyer: he didn't rape Ivana because you "cannot rape your spouse"


Ivana Trump accused her husband of sexually violating her, and his lawyer has issued a series of insane threats to Daily Beast reporters, which they have published.

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Gorgeous animated pixel-art depicting everyday Japan


Here's just two of the many beautiful, serene GIF animations depicting life in Japan, by @1041uuu. [via Hacker News & designmadeinjapan]


What happened to Neopets?


Olivia Coy reports on the stunning downfall of Neopets, a hugely-successful virtual pet community/game/toy line that was monetized so grossly and relentlessly it evaporated in a matter of hours after a site feature failed.

In retrospect, and despite all its juvenile provocations, the Neopets forum collapse looks like a digital-age, collective cri de coeur, a long-suffering community voicing its frustrations with all the rage it could muster.

It's under "new management," but the site still looks like a hacked PHPNuke forum from the 1990s. $160,000,000, dude.

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Human corpse in street turns out to be brisket

Brisket Tina Lin, compiling local police reports for The Andover Townsman of Massachussets, reports that "A caller from North Main Street reported at 12:38 p.m. that there was an item on the side of the road that looked like a torso."

Fortunately, Lin adds, 'The responding officer reported that “it was a brisket.”'

Less fortunate, however, was a local resident who reported that "someone is beeping a horn when they drive by her house.”

Police Log [via Arbroath]

Pink pigeon enchants and mystifies Britons


One Wes Charnock observed the mystery pigeon, depicted above in London newspaper Metro. Expert consensus is that it has been dyed, or is a tourist from Mauritius.

Why Impact is the "meme font"

IMPACT Vox explains how the stout 1965 typeface became the text of choice for internet silliness: because is was included with Windows, and by the time anyone had a choice, "the meme font had itself become a meme."

Run Boy Run: fabulous music video packed with scenes and sprites ripped from 8- and 16-bit classic games.

This cover of WoodKid's song is by Victorians, and with a video by Odislaw, is the perfect antidote to "Pixels." Can you list all the games that the hero from Karateka leaps through?

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How "real" are images of Pluto?

Images of celestial bodies are not typically photographed in the same way as, say, your cat. Wired's Jenna Garrett explains the complexity—and authenticity—of the technology that captures Pluto for our awestruck observation.

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Stock art junkies

Ethel, 31, is briefly distracted and confused by the presence of an observer. Drugs are not only debilitating, but so delicious that addicts will chew through syringes when injection becomes too time-consuming to satisfy their depraved urges.

FRACT is an increasingly popular street drug that causes its users to contemplate devastatingly complex math puzzles. Tina, 13, has been an addict for months. Here she struggles to determine whether, for any given integer a > 0, there are infinitely many primes p such that ap - 1 ≡ 1 (mod p2).

Though it has been reported that marijuana confers the power of levitation upon women, it is less widely understood that it causes hands to weigh as much as the sun, and may cause mascara to teleport to random locations upon the user's face.

Cornstarch is not the preferred drug of hardware store employees, but may be snorted should more desirable narcotics such as sawdust and portland cement be unavailable.

Astrological knowledge is essential in the drug "scene," as injections must be placed carefully upon meridians to ensure the efficacy of the delivered compound. Some users claims that there is no compelling scientific evidence for the existence of meridians and that drugs should be injected in patterns consistent with modern astronomical observations. Lena, 17, has stabbed the constellation of Cepheus in her forearm.

Though illegal for human consumption in almost all jurisdictions, most members of the United Nations have ratified the Convention on Undead Rights and now provide certified zombies with a specified weekly ration of cocaine.

Some drugs mask a deeper pathological attachment. Patricia, 27, chomps down on a thick sandwich of prescription medications, unaware that her true addiction is to the cold frisson of revulsion experienced when chewing aluminum foil.

Not everyone involved in the drug trade is an evil, subhuman, despicable, psychopathic monster. Emma, 16, has developed a flour habit, but her concerned, fatherly, protective, secretly honorable flour dealer has served her favorite buckwheat-tapioca blend in an arrangement he hopes will alert her to her growing problem.

Some street drugs cause normally passive individuals to become frustrated with the Internet. Sheila, 22, was raised to believe that everything should be accepted with grace and feminine forbearance. Having drunk a bottle of beer, however, she has become mildly sarcastic at the sight of a foolish comment upon a blog post. Experts say that even just two bottles of beer could cause weary disdain to progress to eye rolling and exclamations of "would you just look at this shit on Reddit."

Though most consider drug dealing a disreputable, even criminal profession, its adherents lay claim to a tradition stretching back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Second-Dan dealer Jordan, 23, performs a skag kata for reporters in Duluth, Minnesota.

All images courtesy of Shutterstock.

How Amazon became a larger company than Walmart

The plain truth, courtesy of anchor John Potter of KTVN in Reno.

WWE fires Hulk Hogan after racist sex tape tirade exposed in court


Gawker drops the other shoe and rams it rather hard up his nasty, racist, evidently stupid ass.

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