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Adobe walks into Gamergate, staggers around confusedly

Adobe is the second major US tech firm to blunder into Gamergate, the hashtag crusade aimed at female game developers, feminists, and the journalists accused of helping them ruin manly game culture.

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Thai friendship bracelets

B0jUtyMCUAA4YYG.jpg-large "Cheeky, sexy, English-language phrases sought for friendship bracelets at Thai market. Inevitable horror ensues," writes @sliderulesyou.

Best placeholder chyron text

B0gxcCJCAAANTJL 'the internship is going well,' quips Michael J Hudson.

Taylor Swift tops chart with accidental release of 8 seconds of white noise

It's the deluxe edition! "Sounds like an ocean," wrote one fan.

Far-right UK party releases excruciating, racist comedy song

Mike Read, a former BBC disk jockey, has recorded "UKIP Calypso", a song named for the British anti-immigrant party and a style of music stereotypically associated with the mid-century immigrants of his generation. Yes, complete with terrible "Jamaican" accent!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.35.29 AM

If nothing else, it's a reminder of the talentless mediocrity of 20th century Britain's light entertainment monoculture; the lyrics, as transcribed by Us vs Th3m, are posted below.

Note the cover of the song proves that UKIP leader Nigel Farage is approximately 3 feet tall.


Tax payers money where does it go?
Not even George Osborne knows
When we’re in power and we engage
There will be no tax on minimum wage

Our leaders committed a cardinal sin
Open the borders let them all come in
Illegal immigrants in every town
Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown

Oh yes when we take charge
And the new Prime Minister is Farage
We can trade with the world again
When Nigel is at number 10

The British People have been let down
That’s why UKIP is making ground
From Crewe to Cleethorpes to Outer Hendon
They don’t believe Cameron’s referendum

Coalition could be a fact
With any party we could make a pact
Stop telling lies about us too
And we’ll stop telling the truth about you

Though our pension scheme is in a mess
We need money for the NHS
With Jean-Claude Juncker we’re giving away
55 million every day

Oh what a farce, he won the vote
This is my favourite Juncker quote
He looked the reporters straight in the eyes
“When things get serious it’s time to lie”


The EU live in wonderland
Tried to ban bent bananas and British jam
We don’t want jam the EU way
Jam yesterday, tomorrow and never today

The daily polls suggest somehow
UKIP are the third party now
In the Euro elections we were so immersed
We weren’t the third party, we were the first


When the government’s sitting on the fence UKIP policies make more sense Get out of Europe, is our target Common wealth and not common market

Other parties please take note
UKIP is not a protest vote
So mark your cross and by word of mouth
Tell them what to do in Thanet South


With the EU we must be on our mettle
They want to change our lawnmowers and our kettles
Our hairdryers, smartphones and vacuum cleaners
But UKIP is wise to their misdemeanours

Farage he likes his fags and beer
But there’s one thing I want to get clear
Now I like Nigel he’s a friend of mine
He appears on Dimbleby on Question Time


The other parties will count the costings
In Eastleigh, Thurrock and Bow they’re lost in
Labour and Tories shaking in their boots
When UKIP kick them up the grassroots

Meanwhile down on Clacton-on-Sea
UKIP are making history
Douglas Carswell is quite adamant
Will be the first MP in parliament


Man convicted over "illegal" cartoons


A man in Middlesborough, England, was jailed for possessing "prohibited images of children" -- even though the images in question were cartoon drawings.

His barrister Richard Bennett said: “These are not what would be termed as paedophilic images. These are cartoons.”

And Mr Bennett revealed that such banned images were freely available on legitimate sites.

He said: “This case should serve as a warning to every Manga and Anime fan to be careful. It seems there are many thousands of people in this country, if they are less then careful, who may find themselves in that position too.”

Police found the images when they seized Hoque’s computer from his home on June 13, 2012, said prosecutor Harry Hadfield. He said officers found 288 still and 99 moving images, but none were of real people.

The judge made clear that no victim was harmed, and that this fact was immaterial to his conviction:

“It is important to emphasise that there were no actual children or perpetrators involved. ... This is material that clearly society and the public can well do without. Its danger is that it obviously portrays sexual activity with children, and the more it’s portrayed, the more the ill-disposed may think it’s acceptable.”

Do you live in England? The anime schoolgirl at the top of this post has hidden somewhere in your computer. Can you find her before the thought police do?

Correction: An earlier version of this article's headline said Mr. Hoque was jailed; his sentence was suspended.

Clowns menace France

Coulrophobia and chaos in Sin-le-Noble, where "a girl told police she was chased by an armed person in a clown costume", among other unsettling incidents [Previously].

Gimp suit accidentally bought

mer A 71-year-old Rotary Club president planned to appear in costume as a mer-man to raise money for an Air Ambulance, but ordered a BDSM costume by mistake. His wife hacked it into shape, however, resulting in the sexiest Merman tail ever to grace a Rotarian charity event.

First sex happened "in Scottish lake"

Lots of great sex happens in Scotland, but it is also possible that the first sex happened there, too. Microbrachius dicki--yes, that is its name--was a primitive "bony" fish--yes, that is how the BBC describes it--that was apparently first to reproduce by having sex, not by spawning.

How comic conventions came to have so little room for comics

Comic conventions have been colonized and overwhelmed by mainstream movie, TV and game marketing, a surprisingly rapid process that has finally left comics so marginalized that the fandom despairs. Chris Butcher explains how barren the landscape is--and just how fucked you are if you are dependent on original book product.

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Bears would just eat zombies right up

"Zombies are just walking meat," says David Mizejewski, who explains in this video just how many they'd get through daily as part of Team Nature's cleanup operation. Check back next week to see how another type of beast would deal with the walking dead, and support the National Wildlife Federation to make sure they're around when the next major outbreak occurs . Previously.

The "weirdest lock on earth" has a key like a tiny mechanical snake

That's how this remarkable design is described by lockpicker John Coulter, whose efforts have been stymied by its peculiar design: instead of being a straight, flat piece of metal, the key is a flexible chain similar to a watch strap, housed in a hard slip-casing that allows it to be inserted into the snaking design of the lock itseld.


Coulter's been sleuthing it's origins with the help of commenters at his YouTube channel. Dan Neuenswander found a patent, awarded in 1992 to Yun-Tung Hsu, who appears to be a prolific inventor in the field.

The following illustrated is marked in the patent as prior art--meaning it is an acknowledgement of an earlier design--but it illustrates the basic concept well:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.49.13 PM

Hsu's implementation is rather more elaborate, providing the details of mechanical implementation. Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.50.10 PM

From Coulter:

MrMonkeyMonk: "This looks like a german lock to me. If you want to know more, it seems to have been awarded by the VDI, which is a german engineering club, in 1991 via the Carl-Eduard-Schulte-Stiftung. It seems to have been a diploma project, but I can not figure out who did it. Maybe you want to call the VDI:

Dan Neuenswander found the patent of this lock:

Florida man murdered unarmed black teen

Michael Dunn (REUTERS)

Michael Dunn (REUTERS)

Michael Dunn, the Florida man who shot a black teen dead over "loud music," was convicted of first-degree murder and jailed for life without parole.

Dunn, a software engineer who has a concealed-weapons permit, previously testified in his own defense. He said he felt threatened when he thought he saw “the barrel of a gun” emerge from a window of the vehicle and acted in self-defense. Police later discovered that Davis had been unarmed. Officers also didn’t find any weapons inside the SUV.

After the shooting, Dunn and his girlfriend returned to their nearby hotel and ordered pizza.

Jordan Davis, 17 at the time he was murdered.

Jordan Davis, 17 at the time he was murdered.

Gamergate's heroes disappoint it

Andy Baio covers Gamergate's bewilderment and frustration as gamer heroes "disappear one by one into their blacklists." You'd think it might cause a little self-reflection, but that's not how the mob mind works.

Giant green butt plug looks suspiciously like a christmas tree


A massive, 80ft sex toy in the center of Paris has some locals convinced that it's actually an inflatable Christmas tree. The design is by artist Paul McCarthy. [Photo via You Had One Job.]