Inside Me: 3D scanning and video mapping the “invisible inner world of an individual”

Says filmmaker Dmitry Zakharov, “This project is based on a 3D scan technique that allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in software.” More

Trailer: Big Eyes, Tim Burton's film about the Keane art scandal

Here's the first trailer for "Big Eyes," Tim Burton's forthcoming film about the strange 1950s story of talented artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) whose sociopath husband Walter Keane (Christopher Waltz) took all credit for his wife's incredibly popular and influential paintings.


Graphics chip commercial debunks moon landing conspiracies

NVIDIA made an interesting video to market their graphics processing tech by showing how it can be used to debunk conspiracy claims that the 1969 lunar landing was faked. (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)


How to quit your job in style

Proptip: reveal oneself as the subject of the TV segment one is reporting, then declare "Fuck it, I quit."


Angel City: A Los Angeles time-lapse video

Gavin Heffernan has a beautiful new series of epic LA Night Timelapses and a musical homage to the film Heat.


The ultimate iPhone 6 and 6 Plus unboxing video by Andy Ihnatko (with Robert Goulet)

You do not need another unboxing video. This is the one unboxing video you need.


Drone flythrough of Toronto's magnificently renovated reference library

Ab writes, "Toronto Reference Library (TRL) recently completed a multi-year revitalization project (to spotlight the new changes in the Reference Library, we also flew a mini drone around TRL to get a bird's eye view of what's new): the library is celebrating the completion of this project with an event on Friday, Sept. 19."


Rubbery, crawling robot can traverse snow, fire

Harvard's Michael Tolley created the 65cm long, soft, pneumatic robot whose operating parameters allow it to run over -9'C terrain or walk through naked flames (for 20 seconds, at least). More

Men determined to kill Bigfoot

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization looks like your average grumpy white guy paramilitary organization, but they are actually a well-oiled team of devoted Bigfoot hunters on a mission to "protect the public and harvest a specimen to prove it's real."

The TV show Killing Bigfoot from Gryphon Productions premieres Friday, October 17th on Destination America.


Watching words lose their origin

I wonder if my 7 year old will think Motley Crue is singing about fundraising.


Watch: art thief foiled

Best part is 38 seconds in, when he tries to stuff the framed work of art into his jacket and learns it doesn't fit.


Computer Jay's Binary Fix - free download

Here is a song from long time BB pal Computer Jay about the 21st century's addiction to technology titled "Binary Fix." The track is off his album 'Savage Planet Discotheque Vol.


Video: "Jobs That No Longer Exist"

Phrenologists, knocker ups, ratteners, dog whippers, and dozens of other "Jobs That No Longer Exist." (Mental Floss)


Sheep outwits cattle grid

Going up the country, Canned Heat

This is frequently played in my Vanagon Westy.