Meet the 9-year-old "King of the $1 Record Bins"


My son Lux, age 9, is an avid record collector. Unlike me, Lux has the patience to dig through the $1 bins wherever there is cheap vinyl to be had: thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets, record swaps, and of course record stores. (His favorite record shops in the San Francisco Bay Area are Mill Valley Music and Amoeba.) Veteran audio journalist and record collector Michael Fremer interviewed Lux for his site, Analog Planet. (Thanks, David Hyman!)

Below, Lux and I after Record Store Day 2015!

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Scary robot lumberjack makes deforestation too easy

This deforestation machine slices and plucks trees at their base and then wipes off all the branches and foliage in just a few seconds. (Thanks, Dustin Hosteler!)

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Listen to all the strange music on the internet, randomly


Metaratr serves up the unlistened-to work of amateur and prospective musicians on Soundcloud. Who knows—maybe you'll be the one to discover the next Justin Bieber!

M E T A R A T R is a site where you find songs you've probably never listened or wanted to listen to. pick a name and password and click one of the five buttons below over and over again! there's even a leaderboard, maybe.

You can ask it to give you only terrible music, if you like. You may also assign favor, as the name suggests. The first item served up for me was Stop Bringing Me Waffles by caj formal, which seems exactly the sort of thing the internet was invented for.

Top o' the Metaratr chart, though, is a lovely bloopy synth track, SC009 Maxo - Eddy Vancouver by Activia Benz.

Metaratr doesn't seem to work in Chrome, but maybe it's just having some trouble today with all the hits. Firefox worked fine for me.

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Watch the ultimate 5-minute 1980s nostalgia video


A video remix of Flock of Seagulls's I Ran and a whole bunch of NTSC-haloed TV ads, uploaded to youtube by g1MisterBo, The 80s.mp4 features much that is good and very little that is bad about that decade. [via r/videos]


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Violin performance accompanied by moaning plumbing


Behold the Triple concerto for faucet, water pipes and fiddle, by the Altra Volta String Quartet.

Jacek Dzwonowski performs both the traditional instrument and its postmodern counterpart.

Here is another example, apparently shot in a Russian dormitory.

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A beautiful card-magic tribute to Paris


Magicpeacelove writes, "Shin Lim, who created the extraordinary card act that took Penn & Teller (and the magic world) by storm has just released another rather stunning card act, this one in tribute to Paris. It looks like CGI but it's not; just beautiful magic done by a young master." Read the rest

Zombie Flowers: animation inspired by Darwin's carnivorous plants

creepy flowers

Charles Darwin´s first impressions, when he first saw a carnivorous plant in 1875, were the inspiration for this 1-minute animated video by Francisco Sanchez de Cañete.

I’m a spanish berlin based Art Director and 3D artist. I started exploring digital media after my degree in Fine Arts and since then I haven’t stopped dedicating myself to it.

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The birth of a baby Cthulhu


Actually it's an Octopus Stinkhorn (Clathrus archeri), a type of fungus. But a girl can dream, can't she?

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Menorah bong makes Hanukkah a "high holiday"


The festival of lights, indeed. (Thanks, Jordan Kurland!)

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Cards Against Humanity's 8 Sensible Gifts for Hannukah

animation (3)

The company continues its amazing tradition of surprising and delightful holiday subscriptions with a $15, eight-part Hannukah mystery gift offering. I just ordered mine (I'm not missing out this year!) and answered many of the nosy questions at the end. Read the rest

Friday Freak-Out: Shocking Blue's "Love Buzz" (1969)


Dutch psych-rockers Shocking Blue's "Love Buzz," from their 1969 LP At Home. Far fucking out. Nirvana famously covered the song as their first single in 1988 and it later appeared on Bleach. Below, Shocking Blue play their hit "Venus" that topped the Billboard charts in February 1970.

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Enjoy this fucking tour of fucking New York City


Makes me want to hop on a fucking plane to NYC right now. (mediocrefilms)

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Dazzling video of Northern Lights in Finland, Fall 2015

maxresdefault (2)

A gorgeous Northern Lights video by Markus Kiili from Ylläs, Lapland, Finland in September, 2015.

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Watch David Bowie get down on Soul Train (1975)

On November 4, 1975, David Bowie performed "Golden Years" on Soul Train. Sure, he was lip-syncing, but who cares. The Thin White Duke's got soul.

The Bowie Golden Years site has more background on the appearance.

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If Rocky IV was real

Rocky's 1984 defeat of Ivan Drago was a singular moment in professional boxing that had massive cultural and political implications. "If I can change, and you can change, everyone can change!"

(College Humor)

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Willy Wonka cast members reunited after 43 years


Charlie Bucket, Mike Teavee, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and an Oompa Loompa got together to chat about being in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They haven't aged a day!

The notable person missing from the group, is the delightful Gene Wilder. Here's an interview with him from 2013:

I read his Gene Wilder's wonderful autobiography, Kiss Me Like a Stranger, a few years ago and highly recommend it, especially the audiobook, which he reads with his distinctive voice. Read the rest

Review: Popcake PC-11 Pancake Extruder


While visiting a friend recently, I stayed at a local hotel and got a chance to try out the Quickcakes Popcake PC-11 Pancake Extruder. About a yard wide, it has a single button on it, a small monochrome display, and is emblazoned with a decal stating "PANCAKES IN A MINUTE FLAT." Read the rest

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