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Videoshopping still photos of Putin creates an uncanny valley effect

Bennie Melwin shares this clip of how they videoshopped photos of Vladimir Putin for the making of a hilarious commentary on Putin's anti-gay policies.


15 impossible videos of babies and toddlers escaping from cribs

I can't stop watching them because I wish I were this limber. More

Comedian Mike Bobrinskoy creatively outscams OKCupid scammer

This tale of how Mike Bobrinskoy turned the tables on an OKCupid scammer named "Alexandra" is well worth the 9 minutes it takes to watch or listen.


Math puzzler: can you make a rectangle with one cut?

Presh Talkwalkar of Mind Your Decisions challenges you to "cut the shape into two pieces, using all the area, that can form a rectangle." More

Watch robots generate improvisational jazz music and dance

Robotic musicianship doctoral candidate Mason Bretan at Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology filmed this intriguing robotic jazz performance with three Shimi robots and a larger Shimon robot. It really gets cooking about a minute in and when Shimon gets a marimba solo.


WATCH: Semi truck narrowly misses car

This fellow was in his car on the freeway, taking a video of two trucks in front of him that had crashed into each other and stopped traffic. The he heard a sound behind him, and turned his phone towards another semi truck, barreling towards him, out of control.


Video: To the Batstroller!

"Batmobile Baby Stroller" (Super-Fan Builds)


WATCH: Trailer for Haphead, crowdfunded indie cyberpunk series about pro gamers

In one week, Toronto's Postopian Pictures -- the people who brought us Ghosts With Shit Jobs and many other delights -- will premiere their crowdfunded cyberpunk series Haphead (previously):


People in northern Sweden say "yes" in an unusual way

It sounds like they are slurping the last noodle from a bowl of udon. [via]


Music: "By The Time I Get To Arizona," Public Enemy (1991)

"Why want a holiday Fuck it 'cause I wanna."


WATCH: HOWTO create this mind-bending worldscape

Lightfarm Studios documented the making of "The Verge," this stunning worldscape based on work by Raqsonu Duhu. Lightfarm Brasil has the scoop: More

Electroswing Ella Fitzgerald's "Air Mail Special"

The Club Des Belugas Remix of Ella Fitzgerald's classic Air Mail Special turns one of the greatest scat tunes of all time into an amazing electro-swing song, with an unexpectedly fitting rhumba beat.


Deep House track with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech (1989)

Fingers Inc.: "Can You Feel It (Spoken Word: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)"


Music: "Every 1's a winner," Hot Chocolate (1978)

Everyone's a winner baby, that's the truth!


WATCH: People caught illegally abusing handicapped parking placards

ABC News and the California DMV identify a number of people abusing handicapped placards in Los Angeles. (Thanks, Carey!)