Adam Savage one-day build: making an Iron Giant screw


In this video, Adam and Norm from Tested build Iron Giant screws from a kit. "We get to assembling the electronics of the kit, and then Adam and Norm each take different approaches for the painting and finishing." Read the rest

Goodnight, sweet Mythbusters, and tribute supercut videos sing thee to thy rest

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, hosts of MythBusters, in San Francisco, CA, on August 14, 2007

Watch this beautiful homage to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman's Mythbusters, the much-loved show now ending its epic TV run with a 19th and final season on Discovery.

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Adam Savage shows off his bullwhip collection


Adam Savage has a nice collection of bullwhips. In this video he shows off a new addition to his collection - a nylon bullwhip made by a 17-year-old fan. Read the rest

Watch Adam Savage and astronaut Chris Hadfield cosplay at Comic-Con


Every year, our friend Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested walks the Comic-Con floor completely disguised by his costume and makes a video about it. This year, he was joined by astronaut Chris Hadfield and they both wore spacesuits like those in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read the rest

Watch Adam Savage build a model of the maze from The Shining

Adam Savage has been having a lot of fun making models lately (like this cosmonaut model). In this video, we get to see the large scale model of the Overlook Hotel's maze that he built. Read the rest

Tour of Adam Savage's Cave

Somewhere in San Francisco is a hidden workshop of wonder. A place where iconic characters, creatures, and props from cult favorite movies are pulled from the screen into reality. Adam Savage's Cave is the Mythbusters host's personal sanctum, the place he goes not only to build his painstaking creations but where he displays a lifetime's collection of oddities, eclectic memorabilia, and film props. It's the well that's at once the source of Adam's inspiration and a reflection of his obsessions. And is pleased to invite you in for an exclusive tour of Adam Savage's workshop.

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Adam Savage video: Ground Rules for Success

The infinitely curious, brilliant, and kind Adam Savage gave the closing benediction at Boing Boing: Ingenuity with his ten ground rules for success.

Weller Pyropen

The Weller Pyropen is one of the best portable soldering irons out there. I like them because I get almost an hour and half of heat, and I can move around — no cords. So, while I have an electric soldering station, I almost exclusively end up using this Weller, even when I’m near the station. I just find it easier. So, you switch it on, it lights the butane up, and it makes this cool high-pitched scream. And when it glows red, it's very hot. It heats up faster than an electric; it will reach full heat in about 30 seconds. I love these things.

-- Adam Savage


Weller Pyropen$125

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Adam Savage's Maker Faire 2012 Talk: Why We Make

[Video Link] It was so great to see Adam Savage at Maker Faire again this year. Thousands of people crammed into the the giant Fiesta Hall for Adam's presentation.

Adam started by talking about his fedora, which is a replica of the one Harrison Ford wore in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. He explained that the hat was made by a guy named Marc Kitter. Unable to find an accurate Indiana Jones fedora, Kitter taught himself millenary, so he could make one for himself.

After Kitter got good at hat making, he started his own company, the Adventurebilt Hat Company, which makes 40 to 50 pure beaver felt fedoras per year for $650 each. They are so good that Harrison Ford wears an Adventurebilt in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I wonder how many extra orders Kitter got as a result of Adam's talk? Read the rest