Tribute to prosthetic Arnold Schwarzeneggers in his movies

Duncan Skiles created a short but perfectly wonderful tribute to scenes in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies where something that is obviously not Arnold Schwarzenegger is presented as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Previously: INFINITE Schwarzenegger. Read the rest

Gorgeous "Monster Zen" book of Japanese-styled monsters with haiku

Chet Phillips's Monster Zen is a book of 16 beautiful, "Japanese-styled" drawings of monsters, accompanied by haikus by the artist -- you can get the book for $24 or get individual prints. Read the rest

Steampunk, Arduino-powered electro-mechanical clock

Redditor/machinist Spdltd was commissioned to create a steampunk, Arduino-powered electromechanical clock that uses a combination of belts, dials and needles arrayed across the wall to tell the time. Read the rest

Make abstract paintings with this Pocket (Jackson) Pollock toy

The first and only #toy that allows you to be #JacksonPollock! #designertoys #arttoys #abstractart #abstractexpressionism #pollock #funny #sculpture #artwork #woodentoys

A post shared by Steve Casino (@stevecasino) on Jul 2, 2017 at 7:27pm PDT

Taking a break from painting portraits on peanuts, artist Steve Casino has created a wooden toy that literally made me laugh out loud when I saw it in his Instagram feed. He calls it a Pocket Pollock and it's fashioned after abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Like its namesake, the toy also makes abstract paintings. How? Well, just watch the video.

When you're done with that video, go to Steve's YouTube channel and check out Steve's other wooden toy sculptures. They are so cool and creative! Read the rest

NIGHTGARDENERS: eerie familiarity, illustrated

Belgian artist Jan Pypers created NIGHTGARDENERS, a series of evocative photorealistic illustrations depicting nighttime scenes that are both recognizable and foreign. Each invites the viewer to make up a story. Read the rest

These cool looking sculptures are actually interactive sound-making electronic circuits

Artist Eirik Brandal makes sculptural electronic circuits that generate music. Above, "composition #11"

Interactive sound sculpture, 2016

+12V, self-supplied

Two proximity sensors trigger and control the frequency of sine waves. The design is inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, hence the title, ‘Composition #11’. Exhibited in De Fabriek, Eindhoven, 2016.

He makes neat synths, too! Read the rest

Candy-like glassware looks good enough to eat

Russian designer Liliya Gorbach makes delightful and brightly-colored glass boxes, plates, and wall art that could brighten up any room. Read the rest

Striking ombré glass chair

Dutch artist Germans Ermič crafted this lovely ombré glass chair, an update of the classic laminated glass chair created by Shiro Kuramata in 1976. Read the rest

Check out Chris Burden's massive kinetic sculpture of a model car track

A new film about artist Chris Burden comes out this year, which is the perfect reason to revisit one of his coolest later works: Metropolis II, filmed here by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman.

The sculpture took four years to build. Quoth the filmmakers:

We had the honor of spending three days in Chris Burden's studio filming this sculpture before it was moved to the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA) where it is being reinstalled.

The documentary, titled Burden, is being released in 2017:

Metropolis II by Chris Burden (the movie) (YuTube / HENRYandREL Supermarché) Read the rest

Mesmerizing sculpture emits smoke-filled bubbles

Smoke-filled bubbles fall like fruits from an otherworldly tree in this beautiful installation titled New Spring. Read the rest

Intricate paper cutouts of animals, colored by nature

Faye Halliday recently started making variants of her intricate animal drawings with cut-out sections. She then held them up in beautiful locales to create a delightful effect. Read the rest

Crowdfunding a visit from the 180,000lb Temple of Gravity at this year's Burning Man

Zach Coffin's amazing Temple of Gravity installations involve suspending enormous masses of stone and other heavy objects in exquisitely counterbalanced mechanisms that allow people to scramble over them, move them, swing them, and toss them around like playthings, moving tons of mass with pounds of force. Read the rest

Photos that look like the Monument Valley game in real life

The mobile game Monument Valley is known for its clean and pleasing aesthetic. Jeanette Hägglund captures that timeless beauty in her photo series S e c r e t s. Read the rest

Kintsugi: Chopstick rests made by fusing broken ceramics that washed ashore

Tomomi Kamoshita uses kintsugi to fuse ceramic shards recovered from the sea into beautiful chopstick rests. This handiwork is part of a series called "Gift From The Waves." Read the rest

The Balkan blobject robot at the 2073 Venice Biennale

Bruce Sterling's short story "The Beachcomber of Novi Kotor" is a monologue by a rogue Montenegran artist-roboticist, delivered at the 85th Venice Biennale, in a world where climate change has made venices out of all the world's low-lying cities, where Montenegro has been plunged into economic collapse by the precipitous departure of the neo-Czarist Russian oligarchs whose tourist trade it depended on. Read the rest

Salvador Dali's corpse to be exhumed

A judge in Spain has ordered the exhumation of artist Salvador Dali's body for genetic testing, so that a paternity lawsuit may be resolved. Dali died in 1989; Pilar Abel believes the painter is her father, from an affair he reportedly had with a maid in 1955. From Agencia EFE:
Una juez de Madrid ha ordenado la exhumación del cadáver del pintor Salvador Dalí y la obtención de muestras de su cuerpo para la práctica de la prueba biológica de determinación de la paternidad de Pilar Abel, una gerundense que presentó una demanda para ser reconocida como hija del artista. Según indica en un auto la juez encargada del caso, "es necesaria la prueba biológica de investigación de la paternidad de Maria Pilar Abel Martínez respecto de D. Salvador Dalí Domenech", al "no existir restos biológicos ni objetos personales sobre los cuales practicar la prueba por el Instituto Nacional de Toxicología".
Read the rest

The White House banned cameras from press briefings, so CNN sent in a courtroom sketch artist

Bravo, CNN artist Bill Hennessy.

CNN equated the briefing to a Supreme Court argument -- an on-the-record event at which cameras are banned.

Hennessy has been a Washington-based courtroom sketch artist for decades. He has covered a wide range of cases, including the Clinton impeachment proceedings, terror suspect trials, and Guantanamo Bay detainee hearings. He worked for CNN at the Supreme Court on Thursday.

Hennessy's presence highlighted the significant change in White House access that has taken place recently. Press secretaries for Democratic and Republican presidents have held on-camera briefings on a regular basis for the past quarter century. But the Trump White House has been cutting back on the frequency and the length of on-camera briefings.

What's amazing is how angry conservatives are about CNN doing this. I'd call them snowflakes, but they've already melted into salty little puddles. Read the rest

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