Artist uses small objects to create whimsical designs

Desirée De León is a Neuroscience PhD student and artist who shares these gorgeous minimalist designs on her Instagram. León selects a small everyday object and then designs a playful drawing around it. Dubbed “100 Days Of Tiny Things,” the project is a delightful blend of simplicity and whimsy.

Throwback to this classic: Wishing you all (but esp my vegetarians out there) a happy (and nutty) Thanksgiving.

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So hard to feel like we can move forward now :( #100daysoftinythings

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This fall is on fie-yahhh #100daysoftinythings #the100dayproject #flowleaf2016

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Ginkgo geisha. 👘🍃. #100daysoftinythings #the100dayproject #nothingisordinary

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Cherry blossoms and Himalayan rock salt #100daysoftinythings #the100dayproject #sakura

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Take a deep breath and have a clementine #100daysoftinythings #the100dayproject #nothingisordinary

A post shared by Desirée De León (@dcossyle) on Jun 23, 2016 at 5:07pm PDT

Cereal is a substitute for donuts, right? #nationaldonutday #the100dayproject #100daysoftinythings

A post shared by Desirée De León (@dcossyle) on Jun 3, 2016 at 8:13pm PDT

I always knew the beach and ice cream went well together! #the100dayproject #100daysoftinythings #nothingisordinary #beach #food #petitejoys (The shells are about 2cm tall!)

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May the fourth be with you.

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The amazing, endless battle between rural Eastern European partisan fighters, demons, mecha, and werewolves

Jakub "Mr Werewolf" Rozalski is a prolific Polish painter whose longrunning series of painters depict rural Eastern European folk fighting against mecha warriors, werewolves, and demons. Read the rest

Combophotos: wonderfully surreal photo montages

Stephen McMennamy created this brilliant and delightful series of montages that he calls "Combophotos"! You can see more on his Tumblr and Instagram. Also below, a CNN interview with the artist!

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Ulna-Stina Wikander: a Swedish artist who cross-stitches household objects and makes bracelets out of toy cars

Ulna-Stina Wikander's many pieces include a wide variety of household objects (chairs, mirrors, etc) covered in meticulous cross-stitched fabric; bracelets and belts made from toy cars, lamps made from framed slot-car racetracks, and a lively miscellany of other pieces. Alas, her Flash-based site makes it impossible to link directly to my favorites (and I had to install the Flash plugin just to see it!), but it's well worth your time to go looking. (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

Just look at Stephan Brusche's incredible banana sculptures

Just look at them. Read the rest

Want a weird handmade plush reversible anglerfish?

Of course you do. Read the rest

Delightful felt flora-fauna mashup sculptures

Hiné Mizushima creates whimsical felt sculptures that combine insects and plants into adorable new life forms, like this Venus Anttrap Beetle, or this Amanita Beetle: Read the rest

Photography: These starscapes may inspire a move to Finland

Finnish photographer Oscar Keserci braved brutal temperatures in and around Kirkkonummi, Finland for his breathtaking Blue Night series of photos.

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Amazing Black Knight hand-painted miniature from 'Kingdom Death' weird horror game

Check out this astonishing workmanship by mulletsaurus, who hand-painted The Black Knight from Kingdom Death. Here's the blank for comparison: Read the rest

This LEGO riff on Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait is a great optical illusion

Artist Geoffroy Amelot created this Lego-centric replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait.

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Artist in residence sought for Bioprocess Labratory in Zurich

Are you an "artist, designer, biohacker, or other cultural practitioner" who's interested in synthetic biology? You could spend 4-6 weeks in Zurich at the Bioprocess Laboratory, where you will "actively engage with scientists working on a synthetic biology related project with focus on the design of antibiotics." Read the rest

These amazing ceramic sculptures look like melting skateboards

Barcelona-based sculptor Xavier Mañosa created Skate Fails, a series of ceramic sculptures that look like Dali-esque melted skateboards. Read the rest

Here are some of the best movie posters of 2016

Rotten Tomatoes compiled a highly subjective list of striking movie posters.

Since the Moonlight and Sausage Party posters are well-known, here are a few lesser-known posters they list. Note: poster quality and film quality do not necessarily correlate. Read the rest

54 adorable holiday Yule Log animations, each by a different artist

Watching a real yule log burn is cool and everything, but Yule Log 2016 has outdone all previous years with 54 fantastical animations on a yule log theme.

All proceeds go to Camp Interactive, a kids' coding camp.

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Genderqueer artist wears a message about race

Dean Hutton is a South African artist whose most notorious project involves walking around in a custom-printed black and white suit and absorbing the responses from strangers. Read the rest

Strange wooden drawstring boxes

These strange wooden boxes by Paolo del Toro have whimsical designs that open at the mouths to reveal a secret compartment. Just loosen the drawstring and add whatever you'd like. Read the rest

Uri Shapira's beautiful formations of crystals and algae

Israeli artist Uri Shapira creates beautiful photos and timelapse videos of chemical reactions and algae growth, generating beautiful patterns that seem otherworldly. Read the rest

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