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Art swipeur Cody Foster & Co wanted alleged victim to submit to gag order and delete complaints

Cody Foster & Co is an art-swiping tchotcke maker, used by big retailers to source fashionable cloneware they want to sell. Accused last year of ripping off a batch of independent designers, Cody Foster wanted to settle. Fast Company's John Brownlee reports the incredible conditions they want to impose on the victim.

Cody Foster's conditions? That the independent designer accusing the company of piracy license her designs to Cody Foster & Co. for $650 and submit to a gag order, deleting any complaints about the company from the web. ... Smith and her attorneys initially declined the offer, indicating that $650 was not worth a gag order on what they had been through, and reached out to Co.Design. Since then, Cody Foster's attorneys have indicated that they are willing to discuss a larger payment in exchange for licensing Smith's designs. As of publication, this remains unresolved.

Day fades to night, hypnotic GIF edition

Fong Qi Wei created these astounding animations from time-lapse photographs of cities and other landscapes, fading into darkness.

"This is a follow up to my previous series Time is a Dimension (TIAD). In TIAD, I spliced different time slices into a single print. That was to work within the nature of a physical print. However, in this set of manipulations, I present a medium that is neither a print nor a video. In short, I use the GIF format (don’t ask me how it is to be pronounced!) to create a looping animation that shows a single landscape / seascape but with a constant shimmer of … time."

Print series are available, for what it's worth!

Sculptures that appear to be catastrophically rupturing paintings

Valerie Hegarty makes mixed-media painting/sculptures where the paintings appear to be taking on three dimensionality and bursting out of their frames and off their canvases. The effect is very convincing and disturbing, conveying a sense of collapse and destruction. A selection of Hegary's work was recently exhibited on the High Line in NYC.

Valerie Hegarty - 2013 (via Crazy Abalone)

Interview with Ed Fries, creator of Halo 2600

Halo 2600 me dying

In 2010, Ed Fries, a former Microsoft VP of game publishing, programmed an Atari 2600 version of Halo. The game, titled Halo 2600, has now been added to the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Smithsonian magazine interviewed Fries:

I don’t want to get too caught up in "Art" with a capital A in a sense, because then it becomes this whole kind of pointless argument about what is art to begin with. I think what matters is, can we tell human stories in a way that affect people—maybe change how they feel about themselves, or the world or exposes them to something that they haven’t been exposed to before? And in the game business, that simple thing is actually pretty hard. I mean, it’s taken us many years and a lot of technological advance to be able to make realistic characters on a screen that look like people, that don’t look like robots, that move like real people, that when they talk, the way their mouths move or eyes sparkle. You know, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re looking at a puppet—that makes you feel like you’re looking at a real human being. Once you get past that, then you open up the door to tell real stories about real people but in a way that’s different than a movie because the player’s in control. And that’s the promise for video games.
"Demaking Halo, Remaking Art: 'Halo 2600' Developer Discusses the Promise of Video Games" (Smithsonian)

NASA Centaur art competition

413px Centaur rocket stage

Above is the Centaur rocket, "America's Workhorse in Space," that NASA used in more than 200 missions, from Voyager to Viking, Cassini to New Horizons. To celebrate the Centaur's 50th anniversary, NASA and our friends at Ingenuity Cleveland are holding an art competition to creatively convey the unique engineering and features of the Centaur Program. The prizes include tours of NASA, viewing of rocket test-fires, and display at IngenuityFest 2014 and NASA Glenn Research Center. Artists of all disciplines and ages are encouraged to submit proposals or finished work! More details: NASA Centaur Art Challenge

Hand-crank automata simulates water ripple

I've posted previously about Reuben Margolin's beautiful large kinetic wave sculptures. Inspired by Margolin's work, Dean O'Callaghan created this exquisite tabletop hand-crank automata mimicking the ripple effect of a droplet falling into water. (Thanks, Jean Hagan!)

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Warhol's jazz covers

Basie26478 1


In the 1950s, after Andy Warhol developed a solid commercial art reputation through his shoe advertisements, he was hired by RCA Records to do album art for LPs by the likes of Count Basie (above), Artie Shaw, and Thelonious Monk. See a bunch of them at Dangerous Minds.

You can also pick up your own original vinyl of Kenny Burrell's "Blue Lights" with the Warhol cover at eBay for just... $800.

Iconic film/TV characters 'shooped with tattoos

Tumblr n0c2drBLWT1t1x93po1 500


Cheyene Randall's Tumblr of "Shopped Tattoos." (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

Game Frame - neat pixel art presentation gadget

Jeremy Williams' Kickstarter for Game Frame, "a grid of 256 ultra-bright LED pixels, perfect for showcasing pixel art and old school video game graphics," is fully-funded. It features art by our friends at eBoy, who Boing Boing has worked with in the past.

Game Frame: The Art of Pixels

New stop motion short by PES for jewelry design Delfina Delettrez

New stop motion wizardry from incredible animator PES! Designer Delfina Delettrez commissioned this short, titled "Black Gold," as a promotion for her insect-themed jewelry line.

Electric Ecology: oil paintings of ewaste

Tim sez, "Our technological lives produce vast numbers of artifacts. Many of which become obsolete in a very short time. All of these relics, once vital to our daily lives, end up in drawers and landfills -- forgotten as soon as their usefulness is eclipsed. Electric Ecology, by Ruth Whiting is a series of oil paintings that investigates a mythical afterlife for the forgotten connective tissue of technology where plugs and cables live on in an imagined realm."

Ruth Whiting — Electric Ecology (Thanks, Tim!)

Statues in Motion

Shot at 240 frames per second, Li Hongbi's statues seem at first look to be a bizarre computer-graphic effect. But they are in fact incredible paper sculptures, a concertina of countless layers stretched this way and that. [Video link, via]

Embroidery on found photos

Brklynpinkfinishedcropped o

Tokyo-based artist Mana Morimoto embroiders on found photos, ticket stubs, record sleeves, and other curious paper pieces. (via Hi-Fructose)

To do in LA: Nathan Ota at Giant Robot (Art)

"Makes it Rain." 6x6". GR2: Nathan Ota - Scrambled Eggs and a Side of Collectables.

Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot says, "This Saturday, at Giant Robot 2 we are proud to have Nathan Ota in the house. He's quite an incredible artist in high demand. His paintings are amazing and detailed. He's as nice and humble as can be. He'll also be showing some figures, a sneaker, book, print and more! Do take a look at his works. Here's the event page on Facebook."

Show runs through March 12, 2014. A few more images below, and lots more here.

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The pop-up books of Vojtech Kubašta

My friend Bob Knetzger recently went to an exhibit of pop-up books from Prague at The Grolier Club. He says:

This show of about a hundred great pieces focuses on the work of Vojtech Kubašta. He created really cool pop up books, cards and displays. I think his versatile illustration styles and background as an architect make his work really special: both charming and clever!

Pop-Ups from Prague