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Iconic film/TV characters 'shooped with tattoos

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Cheyene Randall's Tumblr of "Shopped Tattoos." (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

Game Frame - neat pixel art presentation gadget

Jeremy Williams' Kickstarter for Game Frame, "a grid of 256 ultra-bright LED pixels, perfect for showcasing pixel art and old school video game graphics," is fully-funded. It features art by our friends at eBoy, who Boing Boing has worked with in the past.

Game Frame: The Art of Pixels

New stop motion short by PES for jewelry design Delfina Delettrez

New stop motion wizardry from incredible animator PES! Designer Delfina Delettrez commissioned this short, titled "Black Gold," as a promotion for her insect-themed jewelry line.

Electric Ecology: oil paintings of ewaste

Tim sez, "Our technological lives produce vast numbers of artifacts. Many of which become obsolete in a very short time. All of these relics, once vital to our daily lives, end up in drawers and landfills -- forgotten as soon as their usefulness is eclipsed. Electric Ecology, by Ruth Whiting is a series of oil paintings that investigates a mythical afterlife for the forgotten connective tissue of technology where plugs and cables live on in an imagined realm."

Ruth Whiting — Electric Ecology (Thanks, Tim!)

Statues in Motion

Shot at 240 frames per second, Li Hongbi's statues seem at first look to be a bizarre computer-graphic effect. But they are in fact incredible paper sculptures, a concertina of countless layers stretched this way and that. [Video link, via]

Embroidery on found photos

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Tokyo-based artist Mana Morimoto embroiders on found photos, ticket stubs, record sleeves, and other curious paper pieces. (via Hi-Fructose)

To do in LA: Nathan Ota at Giant Robot (Art)

"Makes it Rain." 6x6". GR2: Nathan Ota - Scrambled Eggs and a Side of Collectables.

Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot says, "This Saturday, at Giant Robot 2 we are proud to have Nathan Ota in the house. He's quite an incredible artist in high demand. His paintings are amazing and detailed. He's as nice and humble as can be. He'll also be showing some figures, a sneaker, book, print and more! Do take a look at his works. Here's the event page on Facebook."

Show runs through March 12, 2014. A few more images below, and lots more here.

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The pop-up books of Vojtech Kubašta

My friend Bob Knetzger recently went to an exhibit of pop-up books from Prague at The Grolier Club. He says:

This show of about a hundred great pieces focuses on the work of Vojtech Kubašta. He created really cool pop up books, cards and displays. I think his versatile illustration styles and background as an architect make his work really special: both charming and clever!

Pop-Ups from Prague

Kurt Vonnegut's Shapes of Stories in infographic form

A nice infographic by Maya Eilam. She's going to offer this as an 11 x 17 print! (Via This isn't Happiness)

Sculptor collaborates with honeybees to cover statues with comb

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck carefully coaxes bees into enmeshing tatty porcelain statuary with honeycomb, for a result that is both otherworldly and beautiful, like the remains of a long-fallen civilization on whose bones has arisen an insectoid hive-colony. She calls the bees her "guest workers." Her work will be on display at the Ottawa School of Art from March 3, 2014 in a show called Honeybee Alterations.

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Flower Mandalas

By artist Kathy Klein, who sells limited edition prints. To see the real thing, however, you'll have to locate an installation: "each piece is photographed," writes Christopher Jobson, "then left to be discovered by others." [ThisIsColossal]

Hand-painted Haunted Mansion shoes

Artist Rachelliles352's Deviantart profile is full of gorgeous hand-painted shoes. Of course, my favorite set are these custom-painted Haunted Mansion high-tops -- there's a wonderful line there, and some sweet color-sense.

Custom Disney Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom Shoes

Fine metalworking: tiny knives and batlike brooches from Mario Cesari

I ran into Mario Cesari at a market in Florence, Italy today (I'm in town to speak at the Museums and the Web conference). He's a metalworker who produces beautiful pieces that are really to my taste (I bought a weird, bat-like brooch from him). There was a lot more I was tempted by, especially the little, finger-length machete pen-knives. He's got an Etsy storefront with a good selection of his work. Having handled it and bought some of it, I can affirm that the workmanship and aesthetics of these things are beyond reproach.

Kickstarting an adult coloring book: 99 Ways to Die

Chris Locke writes, "Why should kids have all the fun? '99 Ways To Die: a Coloring Book for ADULTS' is for mature audiences who love to color, but are tired of childish subject matter. Every page shows a different way to die. Full size version of the book is $25, pocket-size version is $15."

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Map of The Open Country of Woman's Heart, ca. 1830

Via Public Domain Review: "The Open Country of Woman’s Heart, Exhibiting its internal communications, and the facilities and dangers to Travellers therein” (1830s), by D.W. Kellog.