Sonic the Hedgehog added to thrift store painting


Here is excellent work by Dave Pollot, who improves thrift-store art with the addition of pop culture icons. [via r/gaming]

In another series, he describes how he turned a charming, if slightly uncanny beach painting into a scene from libertarian nightmare Bioshock.

He doesn't just stick to games. Here's a Sharknado perfect from grandma's wall.

My favorite, though, is this lovely painting of Falkor the Luckdragon, from The Never-Ending Story.

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Fully poseable, articulated Michaelangelo's David action-figure


It's been nearly a decade since a single thumbnail image of Michaelangelo's David's willie caused a censorware company founded by a registered sex-offender to block Boing Boing for all its clients as a "nudity" site. This post will probably blow their minds. Read the rest

Gorgeous oil paintings on tree slices


Alison Moritsugu paints beautiful landscapes, including some on slices of trees that make the logs resemble portals onto the natural scenes in which they grew. Her new work, a collection called titled "inconsequence / in consequence," will be exhibited at the Littlejohn Contemporary gallery in New York City from November 12 through December 12, 2015.

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Woodrow White's surreal and funny art


A few weeks ago I was on a plane flying to Oakland and the guy sitting next to recognized me. He told me he liked Boing Boing and, after chatting with him for a while, I learned that his name is Woodrow White and that he's the son of cartoonist Mimi Pond and painter Wayne White. I'm a big fan of both his parents, and in fact I interviewed Mimi for an episode of Gweek.

Woodrow is an excellent artist himself, and he told me I could feature some of his work here on Boing Boing. Enjoy!

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Ikea turns kids' drawings of monsters into plushies


I want them all, and so you do. Read the rest

This artist's 3D painting will blow your mind

"For great art, you have to perceive the object, the situation, and watch the everyday lighting," 3D painter Stefan Pabst told Booooooom. "You have to see something like you did the very first time you saw it, with a complete open mind, like a child."

More on Pabst's Facebook page.

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Stylish furniture made from discarded supermarket trolleys


Dutch designer Etienne Reijnders rescues discarded shopping trolleys made by Wanzl, purveyor of the world's largest trolleys, and remakes them into beautiful, minimalist pieces of mid-century-modern-inflected furniture. Read the rest

See Disney princesses fall in love, with each other

Disney Princess Femslash by simonbaz (via BUST)

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The first drawings of neurons

In 1837, Italian physician Camilo Golgi devised a reaction to stain the wispy dendrites and axons of neurons, making it possible to see brain cells in situ. In 1875, he published his first scientific drawing made possibly by his chemical reaction, seen here. It's an illustration of the never fibers, gray matter, and other components of a dog's olfactory bulb. "The First Neuron Drawings, 1870s" (The Scientist) Read the rest

Fan of TV painting host Bob Ross? Watch the very first episode of his show.


What a gem was released upon the internet today! This video of Bob Ross: A Walk in the Woods, was Season 1 Episode 1 of his long-running “anyone can paint” television HOWTO show.

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On saying "no": creativity, self-care, privilege, and knowing your limits


Austin "Steal Like an Artist" Kleon has posted a fantastic meditation on the idea that "creative people say no" -- the idea that you have to say no in order to get your work done. The piece includes a bunch of amusing, funny, sometimes a little smarmy form-letters that famous artists have used to rebuff correspondents, and I share Kleon's horrified, tempted fascination with these artefacts. Read the rest

Killer art print collaboration between Scott Albrecht and Billykirk


Brooklyn-based artist/designer Scott Albrecht created this fantastic typographical piece with Billykirk, makers of killer bags, wallets, and other leather goods. The release party is tomorrow (10/21) at the Billykirk shop in New York City's Lower East Side. The print, limited to an edition of 25, is just $40. My family has several of Scott's original artworks hanging in our home and I carry multiple Billykirk products with me every single day. I love it when my favorite talents team up.

"'Don't Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You' was a phrase passed on to Kirk and Chris of Billykirk by their father and I'm super honored to be able to work with them on this," Scott says.

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Can diverse character art invite you into a game genre you normally avoid?

Strategy games can be forbidding, but these striking character designs send a considered message of welcome.

Loadingicon: trippy looping gif animations to distract and delight


Loadingicons should loop, use a constrained color palette, and be fun enough to look at that they could distract a user while a computer or network churns away in the background. Read the rest

Coins carved to reveal skulls under the faces


Hobo Nickels are bas relief carvings of coins, and were especially popular during the great depression, when people sold them as novelties.

From Wikipedia:

About 100,000 (and possibly as many as 200,000) classic hobo nickels were created from 1913 to 1980. Modern artists have created (and continue to create) altered nickels in such large quantities that, within the next few years, the number of modern carvings is expected to surpass that of classic old hobo nickels. Most of the 100,000-plus classic old hobo nickels are not yet in the hands of collectors, whereas almost all modern carvings are. Among numismatists, the modern carvings already greatly outnumber the classic old hobo nickels.

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Can you make your own wearable video-graffiti beamer?


Adafruit Industries takes a fascinated look at the VIDEOBLLST_R, an arm-mounted electronic buckler that projects line-art on any night-time surface you aim it at, giving you the power to produce video graffiti on demand. Read the rest

Amazing, surreal science fiction photo-collages


Good photo-collages are pretty easy to make, just contrasting things in ways that are quirky and eye-catching. But great photo-collages are hard, and when they work: woah. Read the rest

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