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Naked rambler charged over nudity

Stephen Gough, England's "Naked Rambler", is back in jail after failing to abide by a court order to "at least cover his genitalia and buttocks." Gough, famous for walking the length of Britain naked, spent six years in prison on earlier charges stemming from public nudity; authorities in the UK have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds prosecuting him. [AP]

Me the People (book trailer)

[YouTube Link] One of the funnier and more beautifully produced book trailers I've seen in a while! It's for the just-released book "Me the People," by Kevin Bleyer. Via Jason Wishnow:

Kevin Bleyer (Emmy Award winning writer for the Daily Show) personally rewrote the Constitution of the United States and needed his author’s portrait painted in the neoclassical style. I’d never been to a life drawing class before but heard they involve nude models.

Faces familiar to Daily Show fans include Kevin Bleyer, Jason Jones, and Samantha Bee. Directed by Jason Wishnow.

Gallery of 1970s science fiction costumes

On IO9, Ron Miller has published a selection from his collection of photos of 1970s cosplayers, dating from a costuming epoch where nudity was a lot more common than it is today. Among the clothed pictures (not reproduced here) is one shot of Elfquest co-creator Wendy Pini as one of her own elves.

One thing I noticed in going through the slides — mostly taken at Worldcon masquerades and a few other cons — is the great sense of whimsy that permeated SF costuming decades ago. This is something that seems to be missing, now that costuming is taken so much more seriously.

I recognize a lot pros in some of those old pictures, too — such as Elfquest creator Wendy Pini as one of her own characters.

Oh yeah — I remember another rule. Food was nixed for costumes after one joker covered himself entirely in peanut butter (he was a turd literally and figuratively), which eventually turned rancid after 3 or 4 hours under hot lights. Oh yes, indeedy, those were the days...

A Treasure Trove of Cosplay from the Swinging 1970s [NSFW]: