Baby Yoda has finally jumped the s̶h̶a̶r̶k̶ tank, thanks to the U.S. Army

Baby Yoda brought the internet together, its adorableness somehow overpowering the divisive animosity that has otherwise ruled over this pre-post-apocalyptic era.

And now the Army's branded the Child onto the cannon of an M1 Abrams tank.

You can re-appropriate the Punisher all you'd like, but please leave our sweet Baby Yoda out of it. — Read the rest

Baby announcement in Star Wars mashup form

After a lot of trying and hardship, Jennifer and Jeff attained pregnancy — with twins! To celebrate, they put together this wicked little Star Wars mashup as an announcement of the occasion. Sheer genius — and enjoy the spare time to produce stuff like this while you can, J&J! — Read the rest

Crocheted infant Yoda ears

If you're looking for a way to turn a baby into a major unlicensed cuton emitter (well beyond the threshold set by the Federal Cuteness Commission) this Hallowe'en, then you could do worse than to whip up a set of these crocheted Yoda ears, as one crafty parent did. — Read the rest

Someone added lyrics to THE MANDALORIAN theme song

Here are the delightfully self-aware (but a little too long for an intro) lyrics:

Here's a man in an Beskar suit
Who's a walking armory
Bounty hunting to just make do
In the gig economy

His name is on the show
But we know who the star is
(space flute)
This puppet who's adorable and green
Turned out to be a tiny cash machine

Through the dustiest worlds he rides
Kicking ass and slinging guns
Like a mystery cowboy type
Hate to say, it's all been done

He's just Clint Eastwood with
A much sweatier hat

(space flute)

These references like No Name Trilogy
Go on and on like CVS receipts
John Wayne as well but that's a deeper one
His grandson does a lot of Mando's stunts (fun!)

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Killers hunt Prince Andrew, Brad Pitt's secret daughter, and George Clooney's plastic surgery shocker, in this week's dubious tabloids

It's not a good week to be Prince Andrew. (Was it ever?)

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's alleged under-age sex ring "madam" has stabbed him in the back, spilling the beans about the Prince's romps with sex slaves.

He's under guard by his own security team, with orders from the Queen to stop him fleeing the country. — Read the rest