Hack Your Dog's Brain

Dogs are great.  They just are.  They're a source of happiness, joy and unconditional love.  I know mine is (pic above).  However, they have a mind of their own which sometimes can be frustrating and other times a true danger.  The good news is that with a little patience and knowledge you can hack your dog's brain. Read the rest

Toddler plays fetch with dog on the other side of a fence

Ain't nothing keeping these two from playing together, not even a fence.

ABC News:

Two-year-old Conway loves throwing a ball over the fence of his yard, only to have his neighbor's dog, Dozer, stick his head over the fence to drop it back.

Conway's dad, Chad Nelson, posted the video to Facebook, where it has gone viral, receiving over 3.8 million views.

Now at 12.6 million...!

Previously: Dog-sized holes in the fence so that pup can peep at her neighbors Read the rest

Dog cools down by napping in an ice machine

When it gets too hot outside, make like Mako the Husky dog and climb into the ice machine to cool down. Chill out, the machine's owners now use ice from the fridge instead:

A few weeks after the original video was shot, Mako's human companions caught this footage of him getting into the ice machine:

Thanks, Steve! Read the rest

Beautiful art made from ashes of euthanized shelter animals

For her Stardust and Ashes project, Shannon Johnstone wanted to memorialize local shelter animals "with nobody to mourn their passing," so she used their ashes to make cosmic cyanotypes. Read the rest

Owl and dog are friends forever

Tanja Brandt shares her videos and photos of Ingo the German shepherd and Poldi the owl. The two have been fast friends since Poldi was a hatchling. Read the rest

Data shows bulldogs are by far the most overrated breed

David McCandless meticulously charted dog breeds by six scores: intelligence, costs, longevity, grooming, ailments, and appetite. The big loser: bulldogs. Read the rest

Beautiful textile sculptures of dogs

Looking for a lovely way to honor a special pooch in your life? British sculptor Helen Thompson, aka Holy Smoke, creates textile sculptures of dogs that really capture the essence of dogness. Read the rest

Great Pyr stuck inside on a rainy day

This. All day. Except when barking at particularly heavy moments of rain.

Nemo is a Great Pyrenees. He'd rather be outside in the rain, but I would rather he not. Read the rest

High-tech on-demand climate-controlled dog houses exist

This is the Dog Parker. It's an on-demand, self-contained, climate-controlled, auto-sanitized urban dog house.

Going into the store and they have one of these sitting outside on the sidewalk? Pull out your smartphone, open the shelter with the app, and put your pooch inside while you shop. There's a "Puppy Cam" in it so you can spy on your dog while it's locked inside.

Dogs seem to like it (though the door isn't closed in any of the photos):

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Charlotte was all smiles at Strut Your Mutt. Dog Parker is one of her favorite places to hang out and cool off💗🐾🏡 . . . . . . #brooklyn #dogsofdogparker #dogsofbrooklyn #brooklyndogs #barkslope #prospectbark #mccarenbark #dogfriendly #doghouse #dogsofnyc #nyc #dogsofinsta #dogparker #instapup #strutyourmutt #bestfriendsanimalsociety #fundraising

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Winston is giving us his puppy dog eyes because it’s Monday and he doesn’t want to work. “Mom, can I just stay in here all day?” 🐶🏡👀 . . . . . . #brooklyn #dogsofdogparker #dogsofbrooklyn #brooklyndogs #barkslope #prospectbark #mccarenbark #dogfriendly #doghouse #dogsofnyc #nyc #dogsofinsta #dogparker #instapup #backtowork

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Cooper and Pharrell taking a break in our Dog Parker at Strut Your Mutt. They were trying to hide from the PUParazzi but they were found😂📸🐾🏡 . . . . . . #brooklyn #dogsofdogparker #dogsofbrooklyn #brooklyndogs #barkslope #prospectbark #mccarenbark #dogfriendly #doghouse #dogsofnyc #nyc #dogsofinsta #dogparker #instapup #puparazzi #strutyourmutt #bestfriendsanimalsociety #fundraising

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All of the pups were loving Dog Parker at the Atlantic Antic festival!

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And it feels so good: Dog reunited with owner after 3 years

All the feels on this one. There's not much info on this video but it seems this dog was separated from its human companion for three long years. Once they were brought together, you'll see that the dog was shy to engage at first but once it got a whiff and a look, it was a joyful reunion!

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Dog that looks like a mop gets the perfect Halloween costume

If your dog looks like a mop, you can clean up at Halloween contests. Covington, Kentucky's Mainstrasse Paw-Rade had many worthy entries, but Keki the Hungarian Puli getting pushed around in a mop bucket was the crowd favorite. Read the rest

This border collie is busy saving New Zealand's endangered parrots

A doggo named Ajax has been specially trained to sniff out the kea, an endangered bird endemic to New Zealand. Watch this charming short as they roam the mountainous South Island. Read the rest

This adorable dog gives pro kitesurfer Kevin Langeree a run for his money

Professional kitesurfer and water sports athlete Kevin Langeree has a wonderful moment of inspiration in this video with one very good dog. Read the rest

When the rhythm hits you and you're a dog in the car in the rain

This doggo is living life to the fullest. Read the rest

Get a load of these socks that look like real animal paws

I don't know you real well but I feel certain you need a pair of these realistic. animal. paw. socks

There's a dog one and a cat one and if you flip either pair over, you'll see the bottoms are printed too. Quite the optical illusion!

They're not pussyfooting around.

(Pee-wee Herman) Read the rest

Need a boop

Ben the dog, looking adorable. Read the rest

Boop. Attack. Fail.

'Alto and Apache vs Gravity,' from Alto's YouTube channel. Read the rest

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