Musicians turn Drumpf's Fisher-Price presidential memo into "Morrissey" and "Ramones" tunes

The meme machinery has been working overtime riffing on the Obstructor-in-Chief's latest cartoonish attempt to save himself, his hastily Sharpie'd "I want nothing" memo. First it was the above Ramones-like track. Then came the Morrissey version, courtesy of the awesomely Twitter-handled RuPaul Giamatti:

And another Morrissey version:

And just for the record, mister presidink, it's spelled "Zelensky." It's kind of a good idea to spell the names of other world leaders correctly in your stunt memos.

Update: Awesome emo version. [H/t John Ülaszek]

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This sign just about sums it up

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With 3,500 U.S. legal actions, Trump is most litigious presidential nominee ever

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Donald Trump rates his one-year-old baby daughter's breasts in 1994 interview

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Mein Drumpf

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