Making tires out of duct tape and rubber bands

A group of guys from the YouTube channel Life OD first crafted a working tire out of $80 worth of duct tape, then they daisy-chained 100,000 rubber bands together to make another one.

Why? Apparently, because they can.

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Magical video for kids: How to make a duct tape coin pouch

In this lovely video by Joel Fox/Smile Mountain, young instructor Sally explains how to make a duct tape coin pouch with a ziploc bag closure. The video has serene, calming quality to it due to the colors, background imagery, and, of course, the stunning synth sounds by my pal Mikael Jorgensen, keyboardist for Wilco and Quindar.

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Unicorn duct tape

At the outset, let me address the likelihood that this post will eventually be visited by someone who has unspeakable plans for a unicorn, is holding a unicorn hostage, or who intends to affix a unicorn to ducting for less nefarious reasons. First, it's duct tape with a unicorn design (Amazon). As in pictures of unicorns are printed on the tape. Second, duct tape is in fact no good for use with ducting. Third, no special tape is required to immobilize or silence unicorns: any good store brand will do.

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Duct tape crushed in hydraulic press

I'm still addicted to the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube (previously, previously), but am careful only to force you to endure the very best crushings. Here, a roll of duct tape. Read the rest

Duct tape prom dress

Gary Demuth, writing for the Salina Journal: "Brooke Wallace knew her dress for this year's spring prom would be water-resistant. That's because it was made entirely of duct tape." Read the rest