Miniature V10 engine

Hand made at 1/3 its designed size, this 125cc V10 engine has a miniature yet throaty roar. Creator Keith5700 explains: references for designing stuff is just to keep plodding away looking at pics, and reading stuff on forums. Most things are designed from scratch these days, but I do a lot of image Googling, looking for pretty things to copy.

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Watch this gorgeous two-valve Stirling engine in action

YouTuber Latheman demonstrates a nicely-designed V2 Stirling engine powered by two spirit lamps. Impressively smooth action on this beauty! Read the rest

Working, thumbnail-sized papercraft single-stroke engine

Aliaksei Zholner's Youtube account features various small, clever papercraft engines that he's made over the years, but the latest one, measuring a mere 18 x 13 x 22 mm, is the daintiest, most lovely one yet, and well worth the long hiatus since Zholner's previous outing. Read the rest

Amazing working paper model of a V6 engine

A fantastic working papercraft model of a V6 engine that runs on compressed air. Read the rest