How a 'Jake Brake' works

Purportedly a "Jake Brake" is also a derogatory term for someone who gets in the way of one party successfully seducing an another.

Apparently explaining the actual function of the "Jacob's brake" was also viewed as a continuation of said 'cock block.'

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Adventuron: online text adventure creation system

Adventuron is an online text-adventure creation system. Like Pico-8, it uses the conventions and limitations of the 8-bit era to simplify code and suggest a distinctive aesthetic. Like Twine, it makes it easier to get creative with interactive fiction and to publish your work.

Creator Chris Ainsley describes its objectives and offers a basic tutorial:

Adventuron is a browser-based Text Adventure authoring system and game engine. Adventuron requires no installation and it executes via the web without any fuss. ...

Adventuron is unashamedly anachronistic. Old-school text adventures used to feature a number of locations, paths between locations, objects in the gameworld, puzzles to be solved using textual inputs, and usually using items in your possession.

A cliche example of a puzzle is, when faced with a locked door, you must have a key in your possession to unlock the door, and until the door is unlocked, you can’t enter a room, that has a another object to be used elsewhere. There can be dozens of overlapping puzzles.

Adventuron introduces light programming concepts such as variables, conditional statements and instructions. Adventuron should be quite useful as a first programming language once a few tutorials are created.

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Miniature V10 engine

Hand made at 1/3 its designed size, this 125cc V10 engine has a miniature yet throaty roar. Creator Keith5700 explains: references for designing stuff is just to keep plodding away looking at pics, and reading stuff on forums. Most things are designed from scratch these days, but I do a lot of image Googling, looking for pretty things to copy.

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Watch this gorgeous two-valve Stirling engine in action

YouTuber Latheman demonstrates a nicely-designed V2 Stirling engine powered by two spirit lamps. Impressively smooth action on this beauty! Read the rest

Working, thumbnail-sized papercraft single-stroke engine

Aliaksei Zholner's Youtube account features various small, clever papercraft engines that he's made over the years, but the latest one, measuring a mere 18 x 13 x 22 mm, is the daintiest, most lovely one yet, and well worth the long hiatus since Zholner's previous outing. Read the rest

Amazing working paper model of a V6 engine

A fantastic working papercraft model of a V6 engine that runs on compressed air. Read the rest