Industry expert: "When are you good enough to become an industry expert?"

If you've ever wondered when you can call yourself an expert, this is the TEDx Talk for you. Business Growth Strategist, Speaker, and Stand Up Comic David Mitroff shares his story and talks about how, if you're doing the work, you can just start calling yourself an expert.

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Plane lands safely

Even by the standards of "storm-buffeted planes landing without incident", this is astounding: a small jet turboprop all but spinning in circles as it comes in, only to plop perfectly onto its wheels at the last moment. According to the video, there were 110 km/h (68 mph) crosswinds. Read the rest

Cheese expert asked to guess which cheese is more expensive

Cheese expert Liz Thorpe was asked to sample pairs of cheese and guess which one was more expensive. Was she right every time? You'll have to watch to find out, but it's worth watching because you'll learn a lot about cheese in 11 minutes.

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Baltimore hair stylist tries her hand at archaeology

Here's a nice reminder that an expert is only "an expert" in their specific, narrow field, and (more importantly) everybody in an expert in something. A Baltimore hair stylist has helped archaeologists better understand how Roman and Greek women achieved some of the complicated, towering hairdos depicted in sculpture and paintings. How? She experimentally demonstrated that the word most scientists had been translating as "hairpin" probably should be translated as "needle and thread". Read the rest