Fencing with picket fences

As I was watching this video by Youtubers Mike and Alex of This is Mystical, I kept thinking to myself, "Why has this never been done before?"

It seems like fencing with literal fences should be a thing. Yet my half-hearted internet search for "fencing sport with picket fences" brought up lots of, well, fences.

So, touché to Mike and Alex for bringing the world this new sport and to Sam the "real fencing guy" for teaching us fencing's basics. Read the rest

What is fencing all about?

My first exposure to fencing was on Happy Days. (Video evidence below.) This Vox video above explains the sport much better.

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WATCH: Lightsaber Academy trains Jedi young and old

If you happen to be in Singapore and want to learn how to wield a lightsaber like a Jedi master, check out this fun video by The Saber Authority. Read the rest