Upgrade your trampoline by adding interactive LEDs

Adafruit Industries has created a tutorial to upgrade an ordinary trampoline by adding fun, interactive NeoPixel LEDs.

This is a really fun project that lights up when you jump on it! These trampolines are meant for exercising and jumping on this thing for just a few minutes feels like a working out so perfect for tiring out kids, just be sure to supervise them. It works really well and looks amazing at night, especially around a fire pit with a fog machine.

Yes, please!

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If the original Tron had a kayaking scene, it would look like this

Footage shot by Brendan Wells as he and his brother descended the rapids of Washington state's White Salmon River and Outlet Creek in kayaking gear outlined with LED rope lights.

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Bright magnetic LED lights

I bought a pair of these magnetic clip lights last year and they've proven to be incredibly useful when I have to do repair work. The light has 8 LEDs and it throws a pretty wide beam of bright light. It sticks securely to any ferrous metal surface and has a clip so you can attach it to your pocket. I used it recently when I was installing a new safety switch in a washing machine. I stuck it on the side of the washing machine cabinet and it gave me plenty of light to attach the ground wire and route the cable. I haven't had to change the batteries yet, either.

The price is right, too. A set of 2 costs $(removed) on Amazon.

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LED flood light bulbs 6-pack for $(removed)

I've been replacing all the old bulbs (CFL and incandescent) with LED bulbs. They have become very affordable in recent months, and most are rated to last about 20 years (but read Steampunk Banana's excellent post about why this claim is dubious). TCP is selling a six-pack of 65 Watt equivalent flood light LED bulbs for $(removed) on Amazon. (Dimmable bulbs are available too, for $(removed) a bulb). Read the rest