Probing a mysterious network of dropshippers, evangelicals, crapgadgets, and semi-vacant Manhattan department stores

Jenny Odell is an artist and critic whose Bureau of Suspended Objects report on dropshipping (previously) was a fascinating dive into the weird, scammy world of crapgadgets and farcically poorly made fashion items sold through a network of "influencers" and turnkey ecommerce tool. Read the rest

Newsweek: Trump's financial conflicts of interest 'A National Security Nightmare'

“If he wins, his many overseas deals would create a national security nightmare.” That's the tease for the cover story in this week's edition of Newsweek, which contains a bombshell Kurt Eichenwald report detailing presidential candidate Donald Trump's financial conflicts of interest.

“HOW THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION'S FOREIGN BUSINESS TIES COULD UPEND U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY” is a must-read. Eichenwald is also digging into other sensitive information regarding Trump's medical history. Read the rest

Newsweek's woes in a nutshell

At WWD, John Koblin takes a look at the troubles at Newsweek. You don't need to speculate much to figure out why, in an age of Wikileaks and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, of cameraphoned sic semper tyrannis and nuclear-armed theocracy, this particular news weekly is not working. You just need to look at the cover. Read the rest