"Thermo Thelma" in this deck of Old Maid cards from 1968 still freaks me out

I had this Old Maid deck when I was a kid. I liked the oversize cards and the Paul Coker Jr-esque illustrations, but I share Steve Banes dread of Thermo Thelma, who "is looking at me with that over-sized rectal thermometer in her cruel clutches!" Read the rest

David Lynch's Rabbits has come to rob you of all the comfort in your life

If you're into non-sequiturs, existential angst or having a creeping hand of dread gently caress you in all your secret places, you'll adore David Lynch's Rabbits.

Filmed in 2002, Rabbits is a brooding work of art that only Lynch could call a sitcom with a straight face. Over the course of 45 minutes, Lynch, through the use of disjointed dialogue presented by three humanoid rabbits, oppressive lighting, a laugh track, demonic visitations and a haunting musical score by Angelo Badalamenti, manages to outdo all of the nightmares that I've ever been a part of... with the possible exception of those three days I spent in Burgos hopped up on painkillers, orange Fanta and gin.

I don't think I'm quite ready to talk about that one, yet. Read the rest

British man's colon bursts due to an abundance of poop

That poop you’ve been holding in until you get home? Stop it: use a restroom as soon you can. The wind you’re not breaking because you’re only on your fourth date? Make an excuse to walk away from the table and let it rip. Working your way through a keto diet and haven’t had a dump in a few days? Ingest large amounts of Psyllium husk, stat.

Good God, just read this, from Ars Technica:

Doctors are urging caution after a 24-year-old UK man underwent emergency surgery when they discovered that his severely enlarged colon, filled with feces, had burst.

At the time of the surgery, the man had “reduced consciousness” and severe abdominal pain, as well as air trapped under his diaphragm, failing kidneys, and acidic blood.

In a short communication published this week in BMJ Case Reports, doctors elaborated on the man’s rare conditions, known as “megacolon” and “megarectum.” These are poorly-understood ailments marked by enlarged entrails that aren’t caused by a physical blockage. Sometimes they can be explained by genetic abnormalities or other acquired conditions, such as diseases that affect intestinal motility or muscle and connective-tissue function. But in this case, the man seemed to have a chronic, idiopathic case, meaning there was no clear cause of the gargantuan guts.

Apparently he a long history of constipation. In a great deal of discomfort, he came to his local hospital’s emergency department, looking for help. The doctors on duty, assuming it was just a typical log jam, gave the pained individual marching orders to head on home and sort things out using laxatives and self administered enemas. Read the rest

These People Pot Pies will make you want to skip dessert

People. Pot. Pies. Read the rest