"Eleanor Rigby" but all the notes are E or F and it haunts your nightmares

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How do you like this animatronic blinking eyeball in a fleshy cube?


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A post shared by doooo (@doooo_cds) on Mar 28, 2020 at 4:00am PDT

Artist doooo made this die that looks like like a living eyeball inside a cube of human flesh.

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A post shared by doooo (@doooo_cds) on Apr 6, 2020 at 6:56am PDT

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Fingernails lovingly sculpted into tiny feet

Brought to you by Nail_Sunny, the Russian nail art chain behind "teeth nails," comes "feet nails."

They're equally as creepy:

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Feet nails ❤️ -yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

A post shared by 💅🏻Nail Sunny 💅🏻 (@nail_sunny) on Aug 20, 2018 at 10:08am PDT

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Yikes: A massive swarm of mayflies cover Louisiana gas station

Kenny Hickman stopped to get a tank of gas from a station on Military Road in Slidell, Louisiana and discovered it was covered in A SWARM OF MAYFLIES! So, instead of pumping gas, he shot this video which his wife Sandy Callegan Hickman posted on Facebook. It will undoubtedly make your skin crawl.

FYI: This site tells you ways to "survive" a mayfly swarm.

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Teeth nails

The stuff nightmares are made of: TEETH NAILS.

I'm fighting tooth and nail to express my "thanks" to Nail_Sunny, the Russian nail art chain who created these monsters.

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Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Work by @eleonoramovs Video by @edo_movs

A post shared by 💅🏻Nail Sunny 💅🏻 (@nail_sunny) on May 8, 2018 at 9:07am PDT

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Press this bizarre kitty lamp's gold balls to switch it on

This is Felix, a super-weird cat lamp by Belgian design house Studio Job that switches on by pressing its tiny gold testicles. When you do, its eyes will glow. O...kay...

Australian blog So Bad So Good reports it will be available in three colors (black, white, and b/w combo) in April and will retail for £205. (~$284.).

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This onesie will make you look like a seriously depraved Santa

Utah-based online clothing brand Beloved makes something called the "Belovesie," which is a long-sleeve, unusually-patterned onesie for grownups. It zippers all the way up from deep crotch to the top of your head, completely covering your face. That feature, I think, is best described as "disconcerting."

Enter the Sexy Christmas Belovesie which has truly nothing sexy about it. See for yourself:

Sexy or not, I can think of one particularly great use for this suit: SantaCon. Get it now for $129.95.

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Kim Jong Un romper suit for dudes

Keep the excesses of one of the world's cruelest, most corrupt nations top-of-mind with this $80 Kim Jong Un men's romper suit, which is, conveniently machine wash/wrinkle free. via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

Terrifying proposal for airplane seating

What's worse than cattle-class? Cattle-class in a honeycomb of face-to-face seats where you're knee-to-knee with a sneezing stranger's halitosis. Read the rest

badBIOS: airgap-jumping malware that may use ultrasonic networking to communicate

Security researcher Dragos Ruiu has been painstakingly untangling a weird, scary piece of malicious software that compromises the BIOS of the computers it attacks, allowing it to infect machines with different operating systems. He's dubbed it "badBIOS" and has seen it infect machines that aren't connected to the Internet. It appears that its initial vector may be a USB exploit, spreading by memory stick, but after that, it appears that it continues to communicate with other infected machines by ultrasonic networking through its hosts' mics and speakers (!). On Ars Technica, Dan Goodin has a deep dive into the strange, freaky world of badBIOS. Read the rest

The fish of nightmares

This is not a Photoshop job. This is the very real toothy smile of sheepshead fish. It lives in North America, writes Becky Crew at the Running Ponies blog. And, like humans, it has both incisors and molars — perfect for masticating an omnivorous diet. Apparently, they also taste good, which should be some consolation. Worse comes to worse, we can always eat them. Read the rest


Phil McCarthy's Pareidoloop overlays randomly generated polygons on top of one another until facial recognition software recognizes a human face. Can't sleep, at SIGGRAPH! [via @Brandonn] Read the rest