Just look at this manually pixellated banana and apple

Tokyo based artist Yuni Yoshida created her Layered series by manually cutting out cubed "pixels" of foods that recreate the gestalt of the original. Read the rest

Split images into individual pixels, then stack them neatly

Pixel Chart splits images into their constituent pixels, then organizes them in various interesting ways that you can define. [via] Read the rest

Characters based on tiny procedurally-generated sprites

Cartoonist Eric Beadu took these mangled, procedurally-generated 8x8 random sprites and interpreted them as fully-fledged cartoon characters. Now someone has to animated the rest of each character's sprites by hand!

The sprite generator is Uninhabitant.com/spritegen.html; Eric accepts commissions. Read the rest

Listen to your images with Pixel Synth

Olivia Jack's Pixel Synth turns images into music, scanning across the pixels horizontally and interpreting brightness values as notes. The results are peculiar, obviously, but also strangely melodic. You can edit your image, too, or simply start with a blank canvas. Click "invert" for a synthesized moment of Hammer Horror. Advanced trippers can also edit the synth parameters and the drawing tool. Read the rest

Anti-piracy dolts gobble up content with "pixels" DMCA takedowns

Several Vimeo members whose videos had "pixels" in the title are victims of the latest overly broad DMCA takedown request by Entura International, working on behalf of Sony's summer schlockbuster Pixels. Read the rest

“Pixels” movie is sexist pile of crap

You don't need the Bechdel test to call this movie a boy's club dud. Read the rest

Apple Watch's pixels magnified

Retinal neuroscientist Bryan Jones shot a series of beautiful, mesmerizing photos revealing the pattern taken by the Watch's LED subpixels—and other components of the tiny display.

…the biggest advancement for wearables aside from the Taptic Engine is the capacitive component or pressure sensitive, touch screen component of the display which I revealed through a bright indirect fiber optic light illumination. You can see the contact elements as orange dots over the red, green and blue sub pixels.

A commenter writes that blue is bigger because blue LEDs degrade quicker. Read the rest

Website claims to fix "stuck" pixels

JScreenFix purports to repair pixels stuck on a certain color using nothing more than javascript and HTML. Read the rest

Pixelated furniture

Design Milk offers a roundup of pixelated furniture and home accessories that one may buy, such as this "Do Lo Rez" Ron Arad rug depicting a serious industrial accident in Minecraft. Read the rest