This cheap professional grade electric razor is an upgrade I never knew I wanted

I started going bald in my mid-twenties, thanks to a combination of stress and shitty genes. I put up with it, right up to the point where I started thinking about getting a hair cut that would mask the amount of hair that I had lost. Realizing that, for me at least, this was the way to vain insanity, I went to my barber and told him to shave it all off, right down to the wood. I've been shaving my head ever since. For close to two decades, that shaving was done with either a straight razor or an old school safety razor, depending on whether or not I was traveling. Unfortunately, my relationship with sharp things and hot lather came to an end this past September. As part of  a physical with my new family doctor, it was discovered that I had an 80% blockage in my ticker—I'd been trying to kill myself, for years, with booze and bad food (and once again, shitty genes.) I had a stent put in me and was prescribed a ton of cardiac-related medications, blood thinners, included. My doctor made it clear that shaving with an exposed blade needed to be a thing that I didn't do anymore. Any injuries to my scalp, no matter how minor, would bleed like a sunovabitch. "You should invest in an electric razor," My cardiologist told me. "You'll get used to it, real quick," my friend Richard, who'd has a stent put in his heart the year before, told me. Read the rest

Warrior axe straight razor

Prepare to go to battle... with your whiskers!

Stubble doesn't stand a chance against this super-sharp handcrafted warrior axe straight razor by Ukranian company Magic Ethnics. It sells for $125 and comes with a rustic wooden box:

(Dude I Want That) Read the rest

Luke did not need a god damn beard trimmer

The force prefers nearly trimmed facial hair, according to this Norelco line of Star Wars shavers.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi shared my perfect idea of a Jedi: Luke living on a windswept cliff over the sea, wearing comfortable robes and to hell with beautycare. Cranky old failed Jedi have bushy beards. R2D2 never had a beard trimmer attachment.

Now that Finn is out of the storm trooper helmet and has paid a visit to Maz' funky club, maybe'll give us some great 70s action hero hair! If this trimmer is anything like a Storm trooper, it'll miss all the hair anyways.

Who is the person who really wants a Snokes-personal-guard-themed beard trimmer? What is wrong with them? Kylo can't even grow one!

Is there an Ewok sculpting attachment?

Poe Dameron is a war criminal. Dameron did more to kill the Rebellion/Resistance than Palpatine and Vader combined.

Am I the only person who remembers General Jan Dodanna's awesome hair?

Obi-Wan Kenobi had the best beard in all of Star Wars. Read the rest

Styptic swabs stop shaving cuts instantly

I frequently cut myself shaving when I travel. I'm not sure why, because I don't cut myself very often at home when using the same type of razor.

It's a hassle to get a cut, especially when I'm about to attend a meeeting, because the bleeding takes a really long time to stop. I used to carry a styptic pencil with me when I travel, but I must have left in a hotel bathroom because I can't find it. It worked pretty well, but it was messy to use and left a white spot on my skin, so when I looked for a replacement, I bought these KutKit styptic swabs instead.

On my last trip, I finally got a chance to use one. It looks like a Q-Tip. I snapped the tip with a ring around it, which broke a glass tube filled with aluminum chloride-6-hydrate. The liquid flowed into the white tip and I applied it to the cut on my neck. It smarted a nit more than a styptic pencil, but it stopped the bleeding instantly, and left no residue. Good stuff.

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Fogless shower Shaving Mirror

This acrylic shaving mirror ($(removed) on Amazon) is a bit larger than my iPhone 6. I feel like I'm taking a selfie when I shave. To prep it, just hold it in the stream of hot water for a few seconds to get it warm so it doesn't fog up. (I'm a very quick shaver and I use a water saving shower head so I don't waste too much precious water.) Read the rest

Switching to a straight razor

I stared, face lathered up, sweat dripping, hand shaking, into the fogging mirror in my bathroom almost every day for over 2 weeks before I built up the courage to actually put the 4" razor to my face and take a swipe.

The fact that I hadn't shaved on any regular basis for any period in my life because of the bloody mess that inevitably ensued didn't help matters, but mostly I was just afraid of slicing my jugular wide open and being mocked after my death for as the idiot who even attempted this in the first place. I took a deep breath and went for it. Read the rest