Footage of locusts swarming in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

YouTube user Chave created a supercut of all the locust swarm videos being posted to social media by people in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. My favorites are "falling from the sky like hail" and "so thickly gathered on a tree they become writhing hallucinatory bark".

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Play with a fantastic swarm simulator

Mark Allen Thornton, a PhD candidate at Harvard's Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab built this wonderfully addictive Interactive Simulation of Collective Animal Behavior in Swarms/Flocks. You can tweak everything from the number of swarmers to distance between them to the randomness of their movement.

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Brainless bots exhibit swarming

Harvard University researchers show how simple, brainless "bristle-bots" exhibit swarming behavior when contained in a small area.