Mother American Night: John Perry Barlow's posthumous memoir

John Perry Barlow lived many lives: small-time Wyoming Republican operative (and regional campaign director for Dick Cheney!), junior lyricist for the Grateful Dead, father-figure to John Kennedy Jr, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, inspirational culture hero for the likes of Aaron Swartz and Ed Snowden (and, not incidentally, me), semi-successful biofuels entrepreneur... He died this year, shortly after completing his memoir Mother American Night, and many commenters have noted that Barlow comes across as a kind of counterculture cyberculture Zelig, present at so many pivotal moments in our culture, and that's true, but that's not what I got from my read of the book -- instead, I came to know someone I counted as a friend much better, and realized that every flaw and very virtue he exhibited in his interpersonal dealings stemmed from the flaws and virtues of his relationship with himself.

277 bodies found under UK tram line

Experts knew there was a graveyard under Manchester's Metrolink tramline, but the sheer scale of the excavation—277 unearthed bodies—has made news worldwide.

The archeological dig is a prelude to development work to Manchester's transit system, and covers generations of burials in England's third-largest city. Church officials say they are pleased with the sensitivity shown by the project, and that the remains will be relocated.

Even so, the bone haul is nothing on the 3,000-corpse plague pit excavated during similar work in London earlier this year. Read the rest