A toy vacuum for kids that actually works—sort of

Dyson has made a smaller, battery-operated version of their famous ball vacuum, with actual suction power, for children. Don't get too excited, it's not time to pass off your heavy-duty floor-cleaning chores to your child. This toy is only capable of sucking up "small pieces of paper or polystyrene balls." But for just $30, it'll be nice to put Junior to work cleaning up all those pesky fortune cookie fortunes and piles of poly balls off the floor.

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Suck up LEGO bricks with this DIY vacuum attachment

Grant Thompson of YouTube channel “The King of Random” has devised a way to clean up a pile of LEGO bricks quickly using a special vacuum attachment, and he shows you how you can build one for yourself.

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Watch ten eggs get sucked into a steam-heated jug

Plunging scalding hot glassware into ice water is not very safe, but it does create tremendous pressure, enough to suck ten eggs into a jug with a mouth slightly smaller than an egg. Read the rest

Watch this baby ride around on a Roomba

Oh, just a baby riding around on a robotic vacuum. Usually it's a cat, but today it's someone's sprog.

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