See this amazing baby goat that walks on two legs (due to birth defect)


This goat is the GOAT. (Vault 50)

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Fantastic short documentary on movie sound effect artists


Director Daniel Jewel invites us into the magical and world of foley artist Pete Burgis and Sue Harding who create sound effects using techniques that look odd when you see them but sound spot on when paired with the right visual.

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Watch this man catch a foul ball while holding his resting child


Nice catch! (And doubly lucky it didn't hit her!)

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Scorching Caribbean soul covers of Neil Young, Isaac Hayes, and Jimi Hendrix (1975)


In 1975, Suriname's Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band released "Soul, Steel & Show," a killer funk-psych-soul LP that included scorching covers of Neil Young's "Down by the River," Isaac Hayes's "Theme from Shaft," Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe," Kool & The Gang's "Funky Stuff," and other great jams. Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

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Watch this car chase involving a smoke screen and tire spikes!

Police in Marijampole, Lithuania released this dashcam video of a car chase where the suspect released a smokescreen and tossed caltrops (aka tire spikes) in an effort to escape. These action movie-esque efforts were to no avail though as the fuzz eventually pinned the perp's car against the road barrier. The police did not provide any background on the hot pursuit.

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Treasure Island Music Festival 2016: Sigur Rós, Ice Cube, and many more


Boing Boing's favorite annual music event, the Treasure Island Music Festival, celebrates its 10th anniversary October 15-16, 2016 on the San Francisco Bay and they've just announced the stellar lineup! Sigur Rós and Ice Cube are headlining with more than two dozen other artists including James Blake, Purity Ring, Zhu, and Glass Animals.The full lineup is below this video for Sigur Rós's "Brennisteinn":

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University student scientists study: "Who’s the best-equipped superhero?"


University of Leicester students spent 7 years using math and physics principles to answer "Who’s the best-equipped superhero?" They've published a series of papers on the subject in the university's "Journal of Physics Special Topics" and "Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics." The answer? Superman, followed by Wolverine, Mystique and Thor. From the University of Leicester:

Whilst Black Bolt, ruler of the ‘Inhumans’, may be the most destructive of the superheroes (capable of planetary annihilation), the student work suggests that, based on the range of superpowers at his disposal and the only limiting factor seemingly being the planet’s Sun, the ‘Last Son of Krypton’ Superman is likely to be the best equipped to win in an epic clash between all of the studied superheroes.

Boasting a super-powered array of skills, Superman, if obeying the ‘Law of Energy Conservation’, could exhibit a calculated stored solar energy output of 7.07x105 Joules per second for his ‘Super Flare’ attack. It is also shown that the ‘Man of Steel’, in theory, could have higher density muscle tissue than the average human which could aid in several of his superhuman abilities.

This incredible display of power makes Superman the number one candidate for ‘most powerful superhero’.

Honourable mentions go out to X-Men duo Wolverine and Mystique who were close contenders for the title of world’s finest in the student papers with their multitude of mutant abilities – including increased regenerative capacity and, in the case of Mystique, a mastery of gene manipulation to aid in disguise.

The superhero Thor, based off of the Norse god of the same name, would also be one of the most formidable superheroes, having high energy efficiency and explosive powers.

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Carpooling (and wrestling) with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The unfamiliar track is "Heemi Lheemey," a quirky tune that Anthony Kiedis and Flea wrote when they were 15-years-old and "smoking large quantities of marijuana" in the Sierra Nevadas.

(The Late Late Show via Rolling Stone)

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Impressive trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles today, Nintendo revealed this beautiful trailer for "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." The game arrives next year for Wii U and NX.

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Michu Meszaros, who played ALF the extraterrestrial on television, RIP


Michu Meszaros, the circus performer and actor who played Alf the extraterrestrial on the 1980s sitcom, has died at age 76. Maestros also appeared in “Looks Who’s Talking, "Big Top Pee-wee," and episodes of "Dear John” and “H.R. Pufnstuf."

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Small shelter inspired by armadillo

Architect Ron Arad designed this lovely indoor/outdoor shelter, called the Armadillo Tea Pavilion. The shells are made from the likes of oiled plywood or PVDF-coated timber composite. The hardware is brass and bronze.

The Armadillo Tea Canopy is designed as an independent shell structure, for use indoors and outdoors, and provides an intimate enclosure, shelter or place of reflection within a garden, landscape, or large internal space. In its basic configuration, the Pavilion comprises 5 moulded shells, each made of repeatable, modular components which are mechanically-fixed together with exposed fixings and stiffening brackets. The modularity of components provides freedom to configure the tea canopy to suit a number of arrangements, which can be expanded when using additional shells.

A limited number of Armadillo Tea Pavilions are available from Revolution Precrafted.

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The surprising fun of watching someone try to flip a spoon into a coffee mug. Again and again. And again.

Every day for a year, Niall Brady attempted to flip a spoon over his shoulder into a coffee mug. One attempt each day, most of which he captured on video. The joy when he succeeds is palpable.

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Amityville Horror house for sale again


The world's most famous haunted house, 108 Ocean Avenue (formerly 112 Ocean Avenue), in Amityville, New York is on the market again. This is the Dutch Colonial home where in 1974 Ronald DeFeo, Jr. killed six family members and, four years later, George and Kathy Lutz and their children reported that they were terrorized by evil demons. Their story became the basis for the Jay Anson's 1977 book The Amityville Horror, director Stuart Rosenberg's 1979 film adaptation, and a slew of crappy sequels that followed.

Listed at $850,000, the five bedroom, 3.5 bath home on the Amityville River includes a large boat house and slip.

According to the realtors, "There've been four owners since the murders, and none of them ran out of the house screaming, and there were no strange experiences [such as murder.]"

If I bought it, the first thing I'd do is reinstall the demonic pig'e eye windows.

(via Curbed)

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Real cowboy lassoes bike thief at Wal-Mart


Real cowboy Robert Borba was in the parking lot at an Eagle Point, Oregon Wal-Mart when he heard a woman yelling that someone was riding off on her bicycle. So Borba grabbed his trusty steed Old Grey from his trailer and took off after the suspected thief.

“I just roped him and the rope went down around his feet and I just rode off like I would if I’d roped a cow or something by myself...” Borba told KOBI-TV news. "Stealing ain’t right so I figured get him stopped you know?”

Police arrested the suspect, Victorino Sanchez, and charged him with theft. Read the rest

Super 8 video of Dungeons & Dragons session in 1981

Boing Boing contributor Ethan Gilsdorf -- author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest For Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, And Other Dwellers Of Imaginary Realms -- posted this geekily nostalgic Super 8 film he shot in 1981, at age 15, of his buddies playing Dungeons & Dragons. "Look for the classic Mountain Dew can at 1:53," Ethan writes.

(via r/ObscureMedia, thanks UPSO!)

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Amazing montage of 4k timelapse footage

Video director Paul Richardson created this beautiful showreel of his favorite time-lapse clips to date.

Shooting timelapse requires a lot of patience and forward thinking. Some shots took multiple attempts to get the right light, others required whole days just to capture a few seconds of footage. There’s a careful balance of trying to predict the future, and just being determined enough to do everything it takes to get the shot.

See more here.

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Meet the strange attractors behind Dangerous Minds

Our dear friends Richard Metzger and Tara McGinley of the essential Dangerous Minds blog are profiled in the new issue of Cincinnati Magazine. Richard and Tara recently moved to Cincinnati, where Tara and I both grew up! From Cincinnati Magazine:

When Dangerous Minds does dig for a bone, moreover, it digs deeper than the others. For instance, one day Metzger was spelunking through the ’net for La Dolce Gilda, a black-and-white short film he remembered seeing on Saturday Night Live in the late 1970s. “I couldn’t believe no one had put it on YouTube,” he says. “I discovered that the director had also done a feature film that was never released to home video. It starred Bill Murray. So I found it on an underground torrent tracker. Dubbed in German.”

Mere days after that 2014 Dangerous Minds scoop, complete with a link to the full lost Bill Murray movie Nothing Lasts Forever, articles on the film popped up in the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, and Slate. It was front-page news for Britain’s The Telegraph newspaper. For Dangerous Minds, it was just one of 13 articles posted that day, among them “Make Your Own Marcel Duchamp Chess Set with a 3-D Printer”; “Scenes from Marc Bolan’s Funeral”; and “Freaky Armadillo Purse.”

“Richard is an anthropologist of high weirdness,” says David Pescovitz, a partner and editor at the popular blog Boing Boing, which is like an older, cyber-oriented brother to Dangerous Minds. “He doesn’t judge. He doesn’t exploit. His fascination and obsession is infectious.”

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