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Video: Stephanie Drolet's badass nunchaku skills

A martial arts (and snowboarding) enthusiast named Stephanie Drolet posted this clip back in 2008. I heard that these days, she can turn invisible. And fly.

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Whose deaths get official Obama mention?

Leonard Nimoy, Minnie "Mr. White Sox" Minoso, Ruby Dee. How does the White House decide whose death should be publicly noted by the President? From a Washington Post article by Juliet Eilperin:

100630_obama_funeral_ap_522_regular “In some ways the president is speaking for himself with these statements, but he’s also saying something for the country,” said Jon Favreau, who as head of speechwriting during Obama’s first term was tasked with helping oversee the process.

“For Obama, the elevation of cultural leaders has been important,” Favreau added, people who ordinary Americans feel a connection to and who have helped shape the nation’s social fabric.

"How the White House decides whose death is worth presidential notice"

Springfield, Illinois mayor gives evil Cobra Commander key to the city


Springfield, Illinois Mayor Mike Houston naively gave Cobra Commander a key to the city. I hope Springfield never needs G.I. Joe's help because they'll be S.O.L.

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Video: Gak vs. red hot nickel

In preparation for the apocalypse, I will be insulating my home with Gak.

Björk's new video for "Lionsong"

"Lionsong" from Björk's new album Vulnicura. Directed by Inez & Vinoodh.

Awe-inspiring finalists of Smithsonian's photo contest


Smithsonian posted the finalists in its 12th Annual Photo Contest! Above, Nicolas Reusens's photo of a snake and its meal of frog legs (and the rest of the frog) at the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. Below, Ray Collins's shot of a beautiful breaking wave off New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

"Announcing the Finalists of the 12th Annual Photo Contest"


Video: Louis Armstrong, baby doll pitchman (1964)

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Golf course home to mighty gators


The Myakka Pines Golf Course in Englewood, Florida is home to massive alligators. This one is apparently 12 to 13 feet long.

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Watch Mad Men co-producer draw Don Draper

Watch Josh Weltman, co-producer of Mad Men and author of Seducing Strangers, draw Don Draper.

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Video: Trailer for new Kurt Cobain documentary

Watch this powerful extended trailer for Montage of Heck, the Kurt Cobain documentary airing May 4 on HBO.

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Breaking Bad creator: no more tossing pizzas on Walter's house!

Vince Gilligan has a message for obnoxious Breaking Bad fans visiting the private Albuquerque, N.M residence used as Walter White's house in Breaking Bad:

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Strangely realistic graffiti portals


The spray-painted portals created by Hamburg, Germany-based artist 1010 are rather inviting, aren't they?

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The UK's most eccentric library


In this week's New Yorker, Adam Gopnik visits one of the more intriguing and strange European libraries, the Warburg Institute in London, a 115-year-old institution with a sadly uncertain future.

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Unbelievable embroidered paintings of cars, planes, and an accelerated culture


Netherlands-based artist Pauline MM Nijenhuis creates astonishing embroidered and acrylic paintings of cars, humans, and the built environment.

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Sunset Strip's rock billboards (and more proof that Paul McCartney is dead)


From the 1960s to the 1980s, Robert Landau photographed the rock and roll billboards over Los Angeles's famed Sunset Strip, images collected in his book Rock ’n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip. Over at Collectors Weekly, Hunter Oatman-Stanford interviews Landau as the photographer prepares for a large exhibit of his work opening later this month at L.A.'s Skirball Cultural Center. Landau quoted in Collectors Weekly:

When “Abbey Road” came out in 1969, there were all these rumors going around that Paul McCartney was dead. People were playing their records backward, looking for clues, and even claimed that the image on the cover of “Abbey Road” was like a funeral procession. Realizing this helped sell records, the Beatles didn’t do anything to squelch the rumors. They just let it fly. At some point, while that billboard was up on Sunset, a couple of kids got up there with a saw and cut Paul’s head off the billboard.

At the time, Foster and Kleiser called Capitol Records, and their art director was a guy named Roland Young. Young went out to look at it and he said, “You know what, just leave it like that, it’s going to get more attention.” And in fact, it did. There were pictures in the papers all over the world. Nobody was too upset that the head went missing.

When my book came out, I posted on my Facebook page, “I’ll give a free copy of the book to anyone who could tell me what happened to Paul’s head.” The next day, I get a call from a guy named Robert Quinn, who is in his 60s now, and on his 16th birthday, he had climbed up there and cut the head off. He still has it hanging in his living room somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

"When Rock 'n' Roll Loomed Large Over the Sunset Strip"

Comic about The Beatles on Ed Sullivan


Over at Cuepoint, an excerpt from Vivek Tiwary and Andrew Robinson's terrific graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. Below, a trailer for the book, apparently soon to be a film too. And here's Mark's review of the book at Wink!

"Back to the Future" documentary

Filmmaker Jason Aron created a very compelling trailer for "Back in Time: A Back to the Future Documentary," including interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and many other actors, crew members, and fans. The filmmakers are seeking funds via a second Kickstarter to complete the film that has expanded beyond the original vision. "Back in Time - A Back to the Future Documentary"

News reporter mugged on camera

The camera was rolling on SANC News reporter Vuyo Mvokoas as he was mugged while waiting to start a live segment on a street in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Q13 Fox)

Tim Burton will direct Dumbo movie


Tim Burton signed on to direct the remake of Disney classic Dumbo.

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Netflix on NES

As part of a Netflix Hack Day, these fellow demonstrated Netflix access on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

Blue Steel at Fashion Week!


Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald returned to the runway today during Valentino's show at Paris Fashion Week! Video below. (CNN, thanks Kelly Sparks!)

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"Another Brick in the Wall" with chorus of German kids (1980)

German musicians Vierzehn and a chorus of teens cover "Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)” on a TV talk show, circa 1980. It reminds me a bit of the Langley Schools Music Project but more... German. (via Dangerous Minds)

LEGO: The women of the US Supreme Court


Maia Weinstock's Legal Justice League, the women of the US Supreme Court as custom LEGO minifigs.

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The joys of the Shitphone

At Matter, John Herman says fuck the iPhone and extols the virtues of the BLU Advance 4.0 Unlocked Dual Sim Phone, AKA the "Shitphone."

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Video: Ass-kicking 1930s Jiu-Jitsu with Miss May Whitley

"Who said 'weaker sex?'"

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Mashup: Hall & Oates vs. Metallica

"I Can't Enter Than (No Sandman)" by Neil Cicierga

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Monument of pulled teeth



At the corner of Riverside Drive and Lexington Avenue in Elkhart, Indiana, you'll find a curious cement block packed with teeth yanked by a dentist who practiced nearby for nearly 60 years.

Dr. Joseph Stamp made the monument as a memorial for his childhood dog, says his granddaughter Susan Howard. She claims he kept all the teeth he pulled in a barrel before periodically adding them to the monument.

“He was a very resourceful person,” Howard told The Elkhart Truth. “If he had something on hand and he was building something, he would try to find a way to use it.”

(via Weird Universe)

Video: Amazing ASCII fluid simulator

Fluid simulator in ASCII by Yusuke Endoh. (via Waxy)

Surf video: The beauty of getting barreled

Experience what Koa Smith saw surfing through a seemingly-endless barrel that lasted nearly 30 seconds.

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Website encourages you to "Do Nothing for 2 Minutes"


It feels longer than you'd think: Do Nothing for 2 Minutes