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Record player in a tree trunk slice


Silvan Audio Workshop is a father-son shop of "wood-savvy audio nuts" who customize high-end Rega RP1 turntables by mounting them in a plinth fashioned from a full slice of tree trunk. You can score a full outfit or send them your own Rega for customization via their Kickstarter: Silvan Audio Workshop

UPDATE: For a variety of strikingly similar modified turntables like the below that have been in production for a number of years, check out Audiowood!


Fun online guide to spaceprobes


Ariel "Space Hack" Waldman and Lisa Ballard created, a delightful catalog of the (human-made) space probes flying around our solar system and beyond, from the far-out Voyager 1 to the just-launched DSCOVR.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain: "Psychocandy" now on tour

As promised, noise pop pioneers The Jesus and Mary Chain are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their seminal album Psychocandy by playing it start to finish on tour.

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Beth Cavener Stichter: uncomfortable and discomforting animal sculptures



Our pal Shana "Shana Logic" Victor turns us on to the strange and unsettling animal sculptures of Beth Cavener Stichter.

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Salt is weird and beautiful


At Vantage, Christine Lorenz's macrophotography reveals the alien structures of salt.

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Gotham City SF: a noir hyperreal time-lapse

I wish my city really looked like this at least a few nights each month, complete with melodramatic movie soundtrack.

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"Science at the Oscars:" Google Hangout today at 1pm PT

Curious Stardust science/art writer Heather Sparks (aka my sister-in-law) is hosting a "Science at the Oscars" Google hang-out today at 1pm PT. Her guests include a cosmologist, nanoscientist, and neuroscientist!

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Deceased man dressed as Green Lantern for his wake


Renato Garcia, 50, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, enjoyed sporting a Green Lantern costume. So when he died last week, his family dressed up his embalmed body in the suit one last time and propped him up at his wake.

"I know he would have liked it,” his sister said.

(Comic Book Resources)

Embroidered "snapshots" of travel sights


Instead of simply taking photos of the places she visits, Teresa Lim makes embroidery snapshots.

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Flask disguised as baby in carrier


The Cool Baby is a beverage bottle hidden inside a baby doll worn in a chest carrier.

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Strikingly 3D geometric tattoos


Exquisite geometric tattoos by Berlin-based artist Chaim Machlev.

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More of Japan's underground bike parking robots

A great recent video of the famed Eco-Cycle underground bike parking robots in Tokyo.

For more Eco-Cycle excellence, enjoy this Culture Japan Network TV segment about the technology.

Electric photos of the Neon Museum, Las Vegas


Over at GONE, Matt Crump's gorgeous photography of the The Neon Museum of Las Vegas, a retirement home for beautiful casino signage of an earlier era.

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Animated interview with Lou Reed

"I write a song called 'Heroin', you would have thought that I murdered the Pope or something." Audio from a 1987 interview conducted by Joe Smith. (Blank on Blank)

Antarctic explorers' huts restored after 100 years of neglect

The huts where Antarctic explorers Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and their crews called home a century ago have been restored to their original, er, coziness.

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SF week: Noise Pop Film festival with DEVO, Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs


Next week, our friends at Noise Pop kick off the 16th year of their independent music, art, and culture festival in San Francisco, and this year's Noise Pop Film line-up is far fucking out.

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Video: 1980s teen movie montage

Enjoy a moment of cinematic sentimentality through this montage of 1980s teen movie clips set to Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)," the title song from The Breakfast Club, the iconic film released thirty years ago this week.

Free NASA sounds (MP3s and ringtones)


NASA offers a terrific collection of free MP3 sound files and M4R ringtones, from astronaut quips and greetings to the explosive liftoff of rockets to Sputnik's pulsing beep.

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Vaginal Photoplethysmograph and Penile Strain Gauge


This Vaginal Photoplethysmograph, used to measure sexual arousal in women, is one of many unusual devices photographed by Sarah Sudhoff at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. Below, a mercury-in-rubber penile strain gauge that measures male erections.

Sudhoff's photo series is titled Wired and, in fact, you can read more about it at Wired.


Video: 2CELLOS play "Welcome to the Jungle"

2CELLOS shred classic Guns N' Roses.

Lesley Gore, singer of "It's My Party," RIP

Lesley Gore, singer of the 1963 hit "It's My Party," died today from cancer at age 68.

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Find out if the NSA spied on you and shared the info with the UK

Over at The Message, Quinn Norton reports on a key ruling by the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal against the British spy agency GCHQ that the sharing of NSA data was an illegal human rights violation. As a result, you can complain to the IPT, even if you're not in the UK, and demand an answer about whether the UK used NSA data to spy on your life.

This one specific way the IPT’s ruling works means that only information gathered by the NSA, passed to GCHQ, retained or accessible by GCHQ today, and linked via a selector given to IPT will get a positive reply. If any of the other Five Eyes or GCHQ itself did the surveilling, the answer is likely to be the elusive “no determination”

In short, to the question “Have I been watched by the Five Eyes?” a yes means yes, and a no means maybe.

"Did British Spies Use NSA Data to Spy on You? Find out." (The Message, thanks Evan Hansen!)

Custom Playmobil weightlifters with homoerotic and steroid references



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Man caught on CCTV camera stealing camera


This gentleman was caught on camera allegedly stealing the very security camera that was recording him.

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Kid cowboys compete for quick draw champ


Photographer Carroll Taveras captured the "Young Guns" of a Cowboy Fast Draw gun competition in Denver, Colorado.

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Wintering in Antarctica


If you missed your flight out of the South Pole on Friday, get comfortable. You'll be there until November.

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Video series: History of Superstitions

Intrepid explorers of high weirdness Mitch Horowitz (author of Occult America) and Ronni Thomas (director of The Midnight Archive) created a fun 13 episode video series called "History of Superstitions." Above is the episode about the number 13.

Rare Grand Canyon wolf killed by hunter


This is Echo, the first gray wolf to be spotted near the Grand Canyon in decades. It's now been confirmed that in December, just a few months after Echo was first seen, a hunter killed the rare wolf, mistaking her for a coyote.

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Death Cab for Cutie: "Black Sun" music video


Our friends in Death Cab for Cutie released the video for "Black Sun," the first single from their forthcoming album Kintsugi, arriving March 31.

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Glow-in-the-dark Nissan Leaf

Nissan demonstrates a new glow-in-the-dark auto paint in this ghostly video of a Leaf driving through the night. From a Nissan press release:

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