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Bloc Party bassist loves Joy Division's "Passover." A lot.

1*3_Hkq1UbB9KSKA0eM9b7kg At Cuepoint, Gordon Moakes, bassist for Bloc Party and Young Legionnaire, explores the beautiful restraint of Joy Division's "Passover," from Closer.

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National Geographic exhibit about Indiana Jones and archaeology


This week, the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC opens an exhibition titled "Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology" that includes movie props from the films along with actual ancient objects and historical documents from the Penn Museum and National Geographic Society.

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Raining spiders in Australia


Millions of spiders rained from the sky in Australia's Southern Tablelands, literally covering homes with webs as the arachnids invaded.

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LED turn signal cycling gloves


I saw these clever Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves for cycling last week at Silicon Valley Fashion Week. While LED streetwear is a bit too "cyber" for my taste, these gloves seem like they could be a lifesaver.

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Call an UberCopter in Cannes

For €160 per person, those making the scene at the Cannes Film Festival can grab an UberCopter between Nice and the Croisette where the action is.

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Watch: Adam Savage built Captain Kirk's chair

Our friend Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested built Kirk's Captain's Chair from the original Star Trek!

Analyzing the music from Mad Men

At Mother Jones, composer Jeremy Samuel Faust analyzes the theme from Mad Men that was actually snipped from RJD2's "A Beautiful Mine" from his 2006 album Magnificent City Instrumentals. (Apparently, creator Matthew Weiner originally asked Beck to write the theme.)

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Watch a parrot pull a boy's loose tooth

Watch Anton Adnroshcuk's pet parrot pull his tooth. "This is the 5th one hes pulled already," he writes.

Underwater photo outtakes from Nirvana's "Nevermind" shoot


Austin's Modern Rocks Gallery presents an amazing collection of Kirk Weddle's 1991 photo shoot for Nirvana's Nevermind.

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Watch a surgical robot sew up a grape

The da Vinci Surgical System robot "that can be used to suture a tiny grape is designed to help perform delicate, minimally invasive surgery." As the son of a surgeon, I'm impressed. (da Vinci)

Buy your own Gremlin from Rick Baker!

Legendary Hollywood special effects artist Rick Baker is auctioning off amazing artifacts from his studio, including Harry the sasquatch's head, hands, and feet from Harry and the Hendersons, Mike's costume from Men in Black, and, yes, a couple of Gremlins!

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BB King, RIP


The inimitable Riley B King, aka BB King, died last night. He was 89.

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Watch: One man orchestra

Ben Morfitt wrote a symphonic piece, performed all the parts, and composited it all together into this Orchestra of Ben Morfitts.

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Best Coast: Boing Boing Video live performance and interview

Best Coast drenches us with the psych-pop sound of California Nights in this special Boing Boing Video interview and performance.Read the rest

Watch great moments in recycled Disney animations

A fun montage of recycled scenes from classic Walt Disney animated films.

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Radiohead's Thom Yorke will help you with your sex problems, in Iran


Iranian journalist Sobhan Hassanvand posted this photo of a book "about sex problems between couples published in Iran" that randomly features Radiohead's Thom Yorke and author John Updike on the cover.

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Butterflies instead of herbicides to kill cocaine crops?


With Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos banning use of controversial herbicides to eradicate coca crops, the president of the Quindio Botanical Garden proposed that an army of Cocaine Tussock Moths (Eloria noyesi) could be enlisted to destroy the coca by eating it.

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