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The Afghan Whigs' infectiously fun new music video

The wonderful new video for The Afghan Whigs' "The Lottery" was self-shot by the band's stage monitor engineer Ryan O'Hara, a man who clearly loves his job.

"Every night during the gig he performs a parallel show behind the board and it's phenomenal to watch," says The Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli. "Occasionally, I'll forget to sing because I'm watching him turn into Bez from Happy Mondays. But that's rock and roll for you. It keeps you young. "

Secrets of sea otter fur

How do sea otters stay lean yet keep warm? (KQED's Deep Look)

Free NASA symposium on futuristic space tech


BB co-conspirator Ariel "Spacehack" Waldman points us to a free NASA conference on future space-tech happening near Kennedy Space Center January 27-29!

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Unexplosive hanging loudspeaker


The sales pitch for this "Unexplosive hanging loudspeaker" is seemingly a masterpiece of machine translation:

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Drawings made from sunlight and magnifying glass

1-Jordan-Mang-osan-600x337 Remember as a kid using a magnifying glass and the sun to kill ants? Filipino artist Jordan Mang-osan employs the same technique to create beautiful "solar drawings."

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Video: Pulp Fiction vs. Happy Days

"Pulpy Days," by Darrin Fullerton. (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

Seasons 1 of Friends, simultaneously

The One Where They All Take Ketamine? (via Waxy)

Book of futuristic visions from 1979 starring R2-D2's cousin


Pages from "The Usborne Book of The Future: A Trip In Time To The Year 2000 And Beyond" (1979). That robot looks strangely familiar...

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A landscape of salt


Australian photographer Emma Phillips captured the strange, minimalist landscape of a salt refinery near Western Australia's Nullarbor Plain.

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Ultimate collection of "Do Not Disturb" signs


Edoardo Flores has a collection of nearly 9,000 "Do Not Disturb" signs from almost 200 countries around the world.

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Drive-by identification of energy-leaking homes


MIT researchers developed a compact thermal-imaging rig that mounts to the roof of cars to detect energy leaks in homes and other buildings as they drive by. In 2011, the engineers launched a company, Essess, to commercialize the technology and have since "mapped more than 4 million homes and buildings in cities across the United States for military, commercial, and research purposes," according to MIT News.

Apparently, their software also can help determine who is most likely to fix leaks if they are made aware of them.

From MIT News:


Based on data from across the United States, for example, a household with three children is about 8 percent more likely to seal up leaks than a household with two children, Essess President and CEO Tom Scaramellino says.

“It’s not just figuring out who the worst culprits are — who’s wasting the most energy — because there are customers that can be wasting energy, but they’ll never fix it,” he says. “There’s the actual energy waste and the psychological component to do something about it. Those are two distinct analyses we layer on top of one another.”

Results for utilities companies indicate, for instance, which zip codes have homes with the most leaky attics and, among those, which owners are most likely to install attic installation. Through this process, called the Thermal Analytics Program, utilities can better target customers for energy-efficiency marketing campaigns and other outreach programs, Scaramellino says.

"Drive-by heat mapping"

Everyday people photographed as "Super Athletes"


Photographer Benjamin Von Wong turned ordinary people into Super Athletes fit for energy drink ads and action movie posters using high-end lights, a DIY rain machine, and a great eye (and no Photoshop beyond light, contrast, and color tweaks).

"Ordinary people, Hollywood budgets" (Medium)


RU Sirius: new book on the Singularity


BB pal RU Sirius, prankster godfather of the cyberculture, and Jay Cornell have published a new book deciphering the surreal truths, questionable fictions, and high weirdness of the Singularity. The infotaining, irreverent, and frequent piss-taking paperback, titled Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity, contains nearly 100 A to Z entries on subjects like Biohacking, Grinders, Optogenetics, and The Methuselarity.

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Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and their lion Neil


In the early 1970s, actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren cared for Neil, a lion that sometimes shared a bed with Hedren's then-teenage daughter Melanie Griffith. LIFE photographer Michael Rougier spent a day photographing the family at home.

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Video: Formula One racing intensity

"Art of F1 2014" by Miran Dilberovic