Scary weapon: "Man Catcher" from 1601-1800

According to the Science Museum, London, this item from Henry Wellcome's curiosity collection is a "man catcher… used in Europe in the late 1700s during times of war. The terrifying collar pulled riders off horseback. In peacetime, it is thought the device may have caught and held escaped prisoners." "Man catcher, Germany, 1601-1800" (via Neatorama) Read the rest

Zombie-killing sling-hammer with skull-ejector

All-round slingshot badass Jörge Sprave demonstrates his latest lethalness: a zombie-killing sling-hammer with a skull-ejector to make it easy to knock away the shattered, punctured zombie-heads after you've dispatched the inconvenient undead.

The Zombie Hammer, Now with Skull Ejector Read the rest