Vending machine offers artisanal fare, precious marketing buzzwords

Want a quick cultural glimpse of the current vibe in SF Bay Area? Take a peek at the contents of this artsy souvenir vending machine my pal Jessica Nguyen spotted at the Oakland Airport. 

Whoever curated this thing really has their finger on the pulse of the Bay Area. Though, it is a little like playing a game of "Find the precious hipster marketing buzzwords."

I spy (from top to bottom, left to right):

MOO, dog treats made from Five Dot Ranch's grass-fed beef  ($12 plus tax) An eco-friendly embroidered kitchen towel made from hemp depicting the state of California and its state flower: poppies ($24 plus tax) A "super-warm cuffed beanie" by local retail favorite Oaklandish ($18 plus tax) Peanut butter & Jelly granola by San Francisco-based small batch granola brand, Garrett's ($2.75 plus tax) Ready-to-hang wall art made from upcycled 1950s fence wood and a reclaimed California license plate ($15 plus tax)

(And, the winner is... )

A bag of nut-free, soy-free AND gluten-free "100% organic bone broth-infused kale chips" ($6.50 plus tax)

The company behind the this little beauty is called souveNEAR and they've got machines in Kansas City and in San Francisco, as well as in Oakland.  Read the rest

Awesome! "Epic" is declining in use (except at CNN)

Good news! The most overused word of 2013 is clearly in decline. Epic became synonymous with dudebro culture thanks to web phenomena like Epic Meal Time and epic fail, leading marketers to pounce on the word in hopes of reaching the demographic. That explains why CNN has it twice on their front page this morning, like a dad trying to connect with his son. Read the rest

Business buzzwords, the interactive chart

Thomson Reuters' chart about business buzzwords is perfect storm of game-changing interactivity. A disruptive deep-dive into what is, admittedly, a low-hanging fruit, it's a win-win for the web. [via Felix Salmon] Read the rest

Daily Idioms: hypothetical buzzwords

Oh, I could read Debbie Chachra's #dailyidioms buzzword tweets all day long:

* uterine replicator, Turkish delight doughnut, Galapagan isolation, ghost craters, empathy system, nonconsensual collaboration.

* molecular motors, ruin-exhibitionism, sensor grenade, group-level phenomena, Mylar L-sleeve, surreality TV show.

* weaponized social steganography, pin bin, ekranoplan, spline connection, bee space, memory engineering.

* damnatio memoriae, tagging trolls, fuzz fairing, hyperbolic metamaterials

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