David Blaine sewed his mouth shut on the Tonight Show

Entertainment just gets weirder and weirder, as evidenced by this Tonight Show clip.

Magician David Blaine SEWS HIS MOUTH SHUT as part of his latest trick (which I won't spoil, of course), as Indian actress Priyanka Chopra documents it with her iPhone.

The studio's cameras filmed the trick too. You can see the full footage of Blaine's segment here. Don't miss the part where Questlove hilariously distances himself from the group.

Blaine starts his North American tour on May 6. Read the rest

This is how you cut a deck of cards, or ten

In their latest video, the Hydraulic Press Channel team shows how to plow through 10 decks of cards (and other things like a rubber band ball and CO2 cartridges) using their extra-sharp "Guillotine 5,000,000" blade. Hard not to love watching that.

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Watch this great magic trick using a card deck and a smartphone

Chris Ramsay does a lot of fun street magic, and this clever trick that employs a deck of cards and a phone is an update of a classic. Read the rest