Pittsburgh's tradition of claiming a public parking space by putting a chair in it

In Pittsburgh, it's understood that if there is a chair in a parking spot on the street, that spot has been claimed and is not yours to park in. The citizens have "chair respect."

As William Gibson said, "The street finds its own uses for things."

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See this over-the-top $30,000 PC gaming setup

Unbox Therapy built this intense gaming cockpit around a Xidax PC, LG 42.5" monitors, the Imperator Workstation Game Chair with massage features, and other components totaling around $30,000. I especially appreciate the "snack cart."

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A fantastic chair

Perhaps this is the chair Socrates was talking about.

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Animated chairs made real

Designer nendo created these 50 manga chairs, inspired by animated variations on the theme of a canonical chair form. Read the rest

Instagram of men sitting in the man chair

Miserable Men: "Men that went shopping. It's a global epidemic. Send photos to miserablemenpics@gmail.com" Read the rest

$370 concrete chair a "must for industrial settings"

For people who really want their Ballardian accessories cold and brutal. It's based on the classic Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair. [Gessato via Uncrate] Read the rest

Tea Cup chair

"This Tea Cup Chair is perfect sound isolator, suitable for peaceful relaxing, reading or meditation." Or having a nice cuppa, I'd imagine. (Thanks, Michael-Anne!) Read the rest

Bastard chairs of China

Years ago, photographer Michael Wolf became fascinated with improvised, DIY, and haphazardly-repaired chairs that he encountered in China. He called them "bastard chairs" and compiled them into a 2002 book titled Sitting In China. You can see a selection of those chairs at his Web site. "Michael Wolf: Bastard Chairs" (via Accidental Mysteries) Read the rest

Maker education project: "Let's make seats in school."

Are you a teacher seeking a creative, fun, and compelling design/engineering/maker project? Try the WikiSeat Catalyst, a welded steel central structural support for a three-legged-stool! The stool seat and legs can be made out of almost anything you can imagine. (See above.) In 2011, I posted about WikiSeat Catalyst creator Nicolas Weidinger, my Institute for the Future colleague who created WikiSeat as a college project to develop a "platform for open source furniture design." Tenth grade teacher Sean Wheeler liked the WikiSeat idea so much that he turned it into a class project. Now, Nic and collaborator Alaric Moore want to offer a WikiSeat Catalyst to every teacher (and student) who would like to experiment with one. For free. In a couple weeks, they'll launch a Kickstarter to fund the project, but first, they needs to know how many WikiSeat Catalysts they need so they can calculate their Kickstarter funding goal! Want one? Email info (at) wikiseat (dot) org. Nic writes:

If you teach a class — any class — and you want to build WikiSeat into your curriculum, then let us know by (EDIT) Thursday, October 18th, 2012, by noon o’clock-ish…

We hope to get as many of these out to as many folks as possible for one very important reason; making things is awesome, and everyone deserves to have a fulfilling maker experience. To us, no other joy can surpass that of having successfully designed and created an object. Personally, I equate it to teaching a kid to ride a bike, or teaching a friend how to google for an answer to a question for the first time.

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