Caught raiding birdseed, chipmunk yields haul

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TRIPMUNKS: all the CGI Chipmunks movies overlaid, at half speed

Neil Cicierega took the four (!) Chipmunks movies, superimposed them upon one another, and slowed them down. If CGI remakes of cartoons can be seen as the pigs of our cartoon childhoods ushered into the rendering plant, this is the psychic slime left gluelike under the vats. [via]

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Chipmunk Christmas, slowed down to original speed

AKA "Satan confers with His minions". The MP3 link blogged here some time ago is sadly dead.

"Put it on repeat and you'll drift gradually into madness - it's like an acid flashback to fetal languor, the surreal sounds that filtered through the uterine wall." — Sean Michaels

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