Colbert to Trump: "Racism is your brand"

Comedy shows have been our source of truth for too long. Read the rest

Colbert restates the State of the Union

Colbert's honest translations of Orange Julius' endless stream of misdirection and outright lies are easier to watch than the original speech. Read the rest

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's common sense inspires terror in conservative columnist

Colbert revels in the ridiculous logic behind a conservative columnists response to attending an Ocasio-Cortez speech. Read the rest

FCC won't take action over Stephen Colbert's Trump-Putin joke that led to #Firecolbert complaints

The Federal Communications Commission will not take any action in response to complaints over the May 1 broadcast of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” in which Colbert said in his opening monologue, “the only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c— holster.” Read the rest

This is Stephen Colbert pretending to be a tax preparer

Colbert is in top form here. First he interviews a regional director of H&R block ("Tell me about the lifestyle"), then puts on a disguise and becomes an insane hoverboard-riding tax professional, Otto Sanchez. Read the rest

Louis C.K. breaks silence on Trump to call him a 'Gross Crook Dirty Rotten Lying Sack Of...'

Louis CK regrets comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. But on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, he says he won't take it back, and has some ripe new words for President Trump. Read the rest

Laura Benanti's baffling Melania trump-splains things to Stephen Colbert

Melania Trump's re-emergence, after her bout with plagiarism, finally allowed Stephen Colbert to bring back the fantastic Laura Benanti. Bennati's impersonation of Mrs. Trump is as wonderful as last Saturday's SNL masterpiece.

You'll want to watch to the end, Mrs. Trump's exit is spectacular. Read the rest

Jon Stewart and Colbert team up for one more Daily Show special on the RNC

I don't think Stewart's ever been in finer form, and his "I've been living in a cave"/Transmet schtick plays well with Colbert's own persona. Read the rest

Watch Stephen Colbert's emotional goodbye to Jon Stewart

"We are better people for having known you." Read the rest

Stephen Colbert has an announcement

"I agree with Donald that America is dead--buried in a coffin, in salted earth with our enemies pissing on it and laughing. And Donald Trump is the only man who can--excuse me, I’m just moved--I’m physically moved by the knowledge that Donald Trump is the only man who can dig up the corpse of that nation and marry it.” Read the rest

Young adult novels, defined

Stephen Colbert nails it: "A young adult novel is a regular novel that people actually read." (via Super Punch) Read the rest

Petition: Stephen Colbert, don't speak at the RSA conference

Ever since RSA got caught sabotaging its own products to aid the NSA for a piddling $10M, it's been corporation-non-grata in the security world. Prominent experts are bailing on the RSA conference where they'd been scheduled to speak. Now, a Fight for the Future petition is asking Stephen Colbert to walk away from his guest speaker slot. I hope he does -- Colbert's reputation is worth more than the fee he commands from RSA. Read the rest

Postal Service: new video and Colbert Report interview

Here's the brand new video for The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line of String," one of the fresh bonus tracks on the deluxe 10th anniversary edition of their classic LP "Give Up." This was the song the reunited group played during their first ever TV appearance on last night's episode of The Colbert Report. You can watch the live performance here and the interview segment below. I can't wait to see them live! Read the rest

Where's Colbert?

The Colbert Report is off the air and no one knows why, or if they do, they're not saying. Read the rest

Colbert explains how to deal with Internet censorship protests

Stephen Colbert provides some perspective on the net-wide blackouts yesterday, as well as some alternatives in case the Internet needs to stand up for itself again. Now I've got to find that video of Vader eating cheesy bread... Read the rest

Colbert ad: if corporations are people, then Mitt's corporate raiding makes him a serial killer

The latest Colbert PAC attack ad points out that Mitt Romney says "corporations are people," but he also made his fortune as a raider buying up, gutting and killing corporations. Conclusion: Mitt "the Ripper" Romney is a serial killer.

Attack In B Minor For Strings

(via Super Punch) Read the rest

Colbert Super-PAC ad: Buddy Roemer does not coordinate with Colbert Super-PAC

The Colbert Super-PAC steams on with excellent and helpful election ads like this one, starring candidate Buddy Roemer, who did not coordinate with the Super-PAC in any way.

Colbert Super PAC Ad - Undaunted Non-Coordination

(via Flogging Babel) Read the rest

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