Cyriak's obsession became his trippy, weird "Breakfast"

"I became obsessed with this old piece of film footage and it evolved into a music video," writes UK Animator Cyriak Harris on his latest work, "Breakfast."

As one commenter quips, "1:40 Because it's not a cyriak video until something mutates into a horrible monster." True story. Read the rest

Mega Dance Party Mix, a triptastic animation by Cyriak

UK animator Cyriak Harris celebrated getting 1M YouTube subscribers by livestreaming this trippy Mega Dance Party Mix. It's a 20-minute long retrospective remix of some of his past music and videos.

No, you're not hallucinating. It just feels like it.

Thanks, Heathervescent! Read the rest

Malfunction, a nice animation by Cyriak

I missed this last year, but @greatdismal brought it to my attention and I find it to my liking.

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Cyriak's Cobweb welcomes you to the land of Nope

"The endless universe of spiders"

Surrealist animator Cyriak interviewed

Fast Company chats with Cyriak, the brilliant animator behind these. There are now GIFs and donationware MP3 downloads. Read the rest

Welcome to Kitty City - new video from Cyriak

Video Link. This is why Cyriak is my favorite animator on the net. Sometimes, I suspect that he is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand.

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